Translation of wholly in Spanish:


totalmente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈhəʊlli//ˈhoʊl(l)i//ˈhəʊli/


  • 1

    I'm not sure I wholly understand me parece que no entiendo del todo / que no acabo de entender
    • a wholly owned subsidiary una filial de entera propiedad
    • This one is a messy divorce and one due undoubtedly to wholly irreconcilable differences.
    • He assumed the officer was the stripper and made wholly inappropriate remarks.
    • Why not create a wholly fictitious second character, and see how accurate his profile would be?
    • To judge by his later paintings, the house may not have been wholly reputable.
    • Rarely can one person have held the outcome of a political crisis quite so wholly in his own hands.
    • Nothing and no one is ever wholly good nor wholly bad, whatever we may think.
    • It's wholly and completely accurate to the original and entirely satisfying to me.
    • He seemed determined to justify a course of action which seemed wholly disproportionate.
    • Paying a gas bill or checking a credit card balance can now be a wholly automated process, for example.
    • Both of them quit wholly or partly in protest at married Dean Methuen's management style.
    • The intended victims were wholly innocent, mainly young people enjoying a night out.
    • Trial by jury is the most fundamental of our civil liberties and eroding it is wholly unjustified.
    • They lack real flavour, and any lingering aftertaste is probably wholly artificial.
    • A wholly unusual and uncommercial film, it was a spectacular failure upon release.
    • An Abbey National spokeswoman told me unequivocally that the story was wholly untrue.
    • Moore is also one of those players whose goalscoring instinct relies wholly on confidence.
    • The walk is almost wholly on level tracks and paths, with a very short stretch along the Barbon road.
    • His team have played four league games since and haven't been wholly comfortable in any of them.
    • Nicola said she wasn't scared by the prospect of being thrust into a wholly foreign lifestyle.
    • The power of the written word is certainly mighty, even when the words are wholly inaccurate.