Translation of whoop in Spanish:


gritar, v.

Pronunciation /wuːp//(h)wup/

intransitive verb

  • 1


transitive verb

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    to whoop it up (make merry) armar jolgorio informal
    • (cheer) they went to whoop it up for the home team fueron a animar al equipo local


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    grito masculine
    chillido masculine
    • If the reports turn out to be true, resellers and probably Linux developers will issue a whoop of delight.
    • The whoop of an Indian war cry stopped Ben from answering.
    • Jack let out a loud whoop as he spurred his horse on.
    • When she hung up the phone, Jasmine couldn't resist jumping to her feet and letting out a little whoop of excitement.
    • Then with a loud whoop, he shoved his heels into the stallion's sides.
    • Josh let out a loud whoop before wrapping his arms around her and lifting her off the ground.
    • Gareth attempted a whoop and may even have punched the air.
    • She let out a loud whoop and urged her horse on faster.
    • I believe I startled a great many innocent Canadians, some perhaps as far away as Vancouver, with my unrestrained whoop of delight.
    • With a whoop of laughter, she adds, ‘But I've been around for so long that people are afraid to disagree with me.’
    • In December, at the World Cup draw, Australian officials let loose a whoop of delight when they were drawn in the same group as the defending champions.
    • After two hours I'd seen nothing but steep greenery and heard nothing but the occasional whoop.
    • Before he could even wonder what she had agreed to, he heard a loud whoop of joy.
    • The boy gave a whoop of delight and raced away.
    • Jackson rolled his eyes, then, walking ahead eagerly, peered around the next bend and gave a whoop of delight.
    • I jumped up in the air, letting out a loud whoop of joy.
    • Can I have been the only Murdochian who gave a whoop of delight at reading John Jones's Diary?
    • Finally, why did the press whoop for joy and glory at the colonial elections?
    • The whoop of relief and delight that went up from the assembled crew nearly knocked both of them back into the hall.
    • ‘Fine,’ she sighed and the guys and I let out a loud whoop of success.
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    silbido producido por un espasmo laríngeo
    • Infants, older children and adults may have the cough with no whoop.
    • In mid-course, she had some vomiting after bouts of coughing and some of her spells were followed by a vague inspiratory whoop.
    • When something really tickled Papa, he laughed silently, screwing his face up, his whole body shaking, only the occasional whoop escaping as he tried to catch his breath.
    • Neither the common nor the Latin name give any indication that the hacking cough and haunting whoop are often followed by vomiting.
    • Vomiting with coughing is frequent, and an audible whoop may develop.
    • A couple of weeks later, the boys developed progressive coughing spells with inspiratory whoop and posttussive vomiting.