Translation of whopper in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈwɒpə//ˈ(h)wɑpər/



  • 1

    (sth big)
    I've got a bite! — hey, it's a whopper! ha picado uno — ¡qué grandote! informal
    • a whopper of a bump tremendo chichón
    • Apparently believing this was a real whopper of an idea, he wrote 10 meandering sequences and strung them together into a film.
    • It was too easy, even for Julia who, fearing she wouldn't get a bite, found herself ankle-deep in whoppers.
    • He is sent with a companion, his best friend and the publications photographer, to bring back a whopper of a story.
    • Mr. Greenspan's whopper must be followed by a whopper of a slump.
    • The biggest pike caught during the winter leagues was a whopper of twenty-five pounds, caught on a deadbait on March 2.
    • The two-disc set is a whopper.
  • 2

    he told me a whopper me dijo flor de mentira Southern Cone informal
    • However, the oversized softie has a weakness for sob stories and the lumber lout feeds him a whopper.
    • Four years ago, I started the Lie Emporium, a website dedicated to lies, whoppers, porkies, politicians and just plain old cheap gags.
    • Historians disagree whether Washington told whoppers or whether he just spread propaganda among British spies and soldiers to help win the American Revolution.
    • And his lies, even his biggest whoppers, seem most sincerely to be believed by him - I have no doubt that he thinks he served in the National Guard, for example.
    • Even Teb will stop arguing with me long enough to admit that I can tell a whopper to beat all whoppers.
    • A section of the website ironically labeled ‘Fact vs. Fiction’ contains this whopper.
    • Indeed, some of them were whoppers like claiming areas had been clear-felled when they hadn't and putting misleading captions on photographs.
    • Research revealed that untruths range from little white lies to huge whoppers aimed purely at personal gain.
    • To put it another way, we may need to tell one another and ourselves major whoppers, and not just little white lies, to replenish our interest in life.
    • As both posts and the ‘mainstream media’ story are full of whoppers (and I don't mean they went to Burger King…) I just had to toss in my two cents.