Translation of whose in Spanish:


de quién, pron.

Pronunciation /huːz//huz/


  • 1

    (singular) de quién
    (plural) de quiénes
    whose is this? ¿de quién es esto?
    • whose are these? ¿de quién/de quiénes son éstos?
    • It is time for Mr Wills to decide whose side he is on, the University of Bath or the people of Swindon.
    • We also tried to follow it and knocked on doors to see whose it was, also to no avail.


  • 1

    (in questions, indirect questions)
    (singular) de quién
    (plural) de quiénes
    whose book is this? ¿de quién es este libro?
    • whose keys are these? ¿de quién son estas llaves?
    • whose coats are those? ¿de quiénes son esos abrigos?
    • do you know whose house that is? ¿sabes de quién es esa casa?
  • 2

    (as relative)
    (singular) cuyo
    (plural) cuyos
    the man whose job I took over el hombre cuyo puesto ocupé
    • a colleague whose children go to that school un colega cuyos hijos van a ese colegio