Translation of wide in Spanish:


ancho, adj.

Pronunciation /wʌɪd//waɪd/

adjectivewidest, wider

  • 1

    (in dimension)
    (trousers/belt/feet/river) ancho
    (gap) grande
    (desert/ocean) vasto
    it's two meters wide tiene / mide dos metros de ancho
    • how wide is it? ¿cuánto tiene / mide de ancho?
    • to get wider ensancharse
    • [ S ]wide load vehículo ancho
    • she looked at me with wide eyes me miró con los ojos muy abiertos
    • No large buildings could be constructed on top of the tunnel itself, just on either side, so this quiet backstreet feels unnaturally wide.
    • All I wanted was a two column template, centered, with wide margins on each side. Kind of like this.
    • Even today, the post office at Node in the eastern corner of the county is not much more than a wide spot in the road.
    • The wide road linking Killipalam to Karamana is a case in point.
    • Hardly any of the roads at present are wide enough and one-way systems would have to be introduced, restricting parking to just one side of the road.
    • Walking along lines 1m wide, a measurement was taken at each 0.5m step.
    • The roads are mainly wide and well surfaced - just don't look over the edge!
    • In the ‘town’ of Santo Antonio, the wide roads are empty but for groups of schoolchildren wandering arm in arm.
    • Elaborate apartments over a century or two old crumble either side of the wide avenue.
    • The last couple of miles is an auto-pilot cruise back down the Nidderdale Way on a wide stone track with dry stone walls each side.
    • The driver has a very good position behind the wheel, and it is surprisingly easy to place this long, wide car on the road.
    • The group was surprised to find a strong water current flowing through a wide chasm where the road had been.
    • I was getting a little too comfy with the wide roads, uninterrupted power and active phone lines of Ahmedabad.
    • It is located in a wide basin on the road linking India with Central Asia.
    • But on the plus side, my bed was so wide that you could barely see from one side to the other, due to the natural curvature of the Earth's surface.
    • Otherwise they will not need so many one-ways even on wide roads.
    • The expedition also found rings of plankton organisms that measured 10 km wide.
    • The roads are still wide, though traffic density is much lower.
    • He said the need for flyovers and wide roads in the City would be brought to the notice of the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister.
    • Built in 1935, it has eight-foot wide verandahs on three sides of both storeys.
    • With kitchen shears or knife, cut sides toward centre in 1-inch wide strips.
    • The roads are wide - we are zipping down a three-lane highway - and empty of traffic.
    • Why should the chosen few have this enormously wide road to themselves?
    • The finely tailored jacket featured wide lapels and side belt with turn-ups prominent on the classic cut pants.
  • 2

    (in extent, range)
    (experience/coverage/powers) amplio
    (area) amplio
    (area) extenso
    a wide variety of things una gran variedad de cosas
    • we stock a wide selection of imported goods tenemos un amplio / extenso surtido de artículos importados
    • wider debate on this subject is essential es esencial que el tema se discuta más ampliamente
    • her interests are wide tiene intereses muy diversos
    • the newspaper with the widest circulation el diario de mayor circulación
    • there is wide agreement among academics that … el consenso entre los académicos es que …
    • their style of music has wide appeal su estilo de música gusta a un público muy amplio y diverso
    • in a wider sense/context en un sentido/contexto más amplio
    • fog will cover wide areas of Northern England la niebla cubrirá extensas / amplias zonas del norte de Inglaterra
    • the wide world el ancho mundo
    • It gained wide recognition among bloggers.
    • Needwood Spirit has been at the top of his form in recent weeks and has gained a brace of victories at Carlisle, his latest success being achieved by a wide margin.
    • The afternoon game was against Albuquerque, who had lost the morning game to Great Falls by a wide margin.
    • They published a wide variety of opinions in the Economic Weekly.
    • The colorful, long-lasting blossoms of this wide variety of mums range from one to six inches across.
    • A wide range of grape varieties is grown at least passably well, which has distracted from the question of what the district does best.
    • Today a wide range of fresh varieties such as plum, cherry and vine tomatoes are readily available.
    • But the hourly fee fails by a wide margin to cover attorney's office fees.
    • There's a wide range of these things, set up for a wide variety of purposes.
    • The pub has a wide variety of customers, with ages ranging from 20 to 70 years.
    • Yes we can talk about the billions of trees planted annually around the world, and yes we can talk about how growth exceeds harvest by a wide margin.
    • Gitt, incredibly, replied that his ideas have wide acceptance among scientists.
    • The ban on what opponents call partial birth abortion is likely to pass by a wide margin when it comes up for a vote scheduled in the Senate.
    • If you scan the newspapers you'll probably see, week to week, a wide variety of opinions put forward.
    • In restaurants and malls, however, caregiving by mothers exceeded that of fathers by a wide margin.
    • The distribution of mutational effects was assumed to be gamma, which allows a wide variety of shapes.
    • Nobody has won both Iowa and New Hampshire by such wide margins and gone on to lose the nomination.
    • Africa, though it's not a nation, topped the list by a wide margin.
    • This proposal has got wide acceptance among women who came to attend the meeting.
    • Just as the Bank of England has a target for inflation and has to write a letter to the chancellor if it misses it by a wide margin, the new rule seeks to establish credibility.
    • But not by the wide margin that many pundits were predicting.
    • He rated the media coverage of the election campaign as providing extensive information and a wide variety of opinions.
    • The language papers with wide readership in rural areas have responded admirably to the hardships faced by farmers in their own way.
    • But at this point, political analysts expect the Conservatives to fail by a wide margin.
    • Evan wasn't even sure what point Alex had been trying to get to, but he felt confident he'd missed it by a wide margin.
    • People literally come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and hues.
    • Despite the wide margin separating the teams at the finish, this was a well-contested game for a period.
    • It was obviously clear within the first twenty seconds, let alone five minutes, that I had lost, and by a wide margin.
    • But this is to miss the point by such a wide margin that it amounts to yet another deliberate deceit.
    • The discussions ranged over a wide variety of subjects, but it was the philosophy of medicine that attracted the largest numbers.
    • It can be easily molded into a wide variety of shapes, which are then fired in a kiln and transformed into solid silver.
    • In both he had not exceeded the limits by a wide time margin.
    • We have always been a wide variety of different shapes and sizes.
    • After the meal, they had sat in the front room and the conversation had ranged over a wide variety of topics.
    • I have a wide variety of clients, ranging from a top scientist under pressure to a teenager with eating disorders.
    • Fuchsias come in wide varieties ranging from tall shrubs to very fragile greenhouse specimens.
    • The practice supports a wide variety of clients across the region, ranging from small local firms to national organisations.
    • There is a wide variety of plants, ranging from mosses to grasses and astute insect eaters.
    • That proposition won by a wide margin overall and garnered more than half the female vote.
    • The application is now in daily use and is exceeding the client's performance expectations by a wide margin.
    • In fact conservatives hold a wide variety of opinions about such secondary formal matters.
    • Chester has wide variety of eating establishments, covering a whole range of culinary areas.
    • Weekend breaks seldom exceed expectations by such a wide margin.
    • Better to lose by a wide margin as then no one incident, or player, can be identified as the ‘reason’.
  • 3

    (off target)
    (shot/ball) desviado
    wide of sth lejos de algo
    • A minute later and again Eynsford breached the visitors' defence but the final shot was wide.
    • Her shot was wide but Gallagher was there to pick up the loose ball.


  • 1

    (completely, fully)
    her mouth gaped wide se quedó boquiabierta / con la boca abierta
    • open wide! abra bien la boca
  • 2

    (off target)
    the ball went wide la pelota se desvió
    • wide of sth lejos de algo