Translation of widthwise in Spanish:


a lo ancho, adv.


Pronunciation /ˈwɪtθˌwaɪz//ˈwɪdθwʌɪz//ˈwɪdθˌwaɪz/


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    a lo ancho
    fold it widthwise dóblalo a lo ancho
    • Working your way across the ceiling widthwise rather than lengthwise, begin painting a series of overlapping W's until the ceiling is mostly covered.
    • It's huge and I can sleep diagonally, lengthwise or widthwise in it, and not hang off the bed.
    • The foam or filling material can be mounted on the cutting mechanism either lengthwise or widthwise, and cut in either direction.
    • What happens is that the roof is actually two pieces with the seam running widthwise across the top of the vehicle.
    • Boards that run lengthways will make a room look longer, and boards that run widthways will make it look wider.
    • A motor vehicle headlight has a light source cooperating with optical means to produce a beam which is generally spread widthwise.
    • Whenever she was near, my skin tingled in the strangest way and my mouth stretched widthways into the widest smile.
    • Laid lengthwise, they will appear to elongate the area they cover, whereas laid widthwise, they widen it.
    • Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, then widthwise, to create four layers.
    • He settled back into the easy chair, opened the paper widthwise, and resumed with the sports page.
    • A doper tried to open his chest widthwise with a linoleum cutter, but succeeded only in ruining Shea's uniform and cutting his hand.
    • Now arrange two large sheets of foil across your roasting tin, one widthways and the other lengthways (no need to butter them).
    • Play the same film on a Widescreen TV and the player will keep the same vertical resolution but stretch it widthways.
    • Alternatively, three threads can be woven in, each one weaving over and under the warp threads in opposite rows with the ends tied in overhand knots, which will still allow the sprang a degree of widthways stretch.
    • Martin watched her disappear through a train door barely wide enough to accommodate a person standing widthways in a fast moving blur of purple and gold.
    • Wedge the tomatoes, slice the cucumber in two lengthwise then slice it widthwise, dice the feta, slice the red onion thinly, stone the olives (not the crows), hack up the parsley and then mix them all up.
    • In an SUV, if the wheel wells stick up in the back, you are going to have trouble laying golf bags widthwise.
    • The pea soup (containing fresh croutons and savory ham hocks) was quite delicious, for the record, as were the deviled eggs, cut widthwise and stuffed with a smooth buttercup-yellow filling.
    • A few cars behind where Guest stood a once pristine bright red, two-seater sports car lay on its back, straddled widthways across the remains of two other vehicles.
    • Bingo games also can be made just as easily by using plain white paper tri-folded lengthwise and widthwise to create a 9-cell grid.