Translation of wife in Spanish:


esposa, n.

Pronunciation /waɪf//wʌɪf/

nounPlural wives

  • 1

    esposa feminine
    mujer feminine
    the wife la parienta Spain informal humorous
    • Betty looked radiant and even Albert seemed pleased and wouldn't let go of his new wife's hand.
    • Robin's wife is pregnant with their second baby.
    • Spare a thought for all those wives, husbands and children who this weekend will be saying their goodbyes.
    • Three years ago he divorced his second wife Anthea, with whom he has two small children.
    • He faced four charges, including making a threat to kill his wife Estelle.
    • I'll fly you and your wife first class to New Orleans for a symposium.
    • Lydia is invited to accompany a colonel and his young wife to Brighton with the soldiers.
    • By the early 1970s he tired of politics and moved to a Greek fishing village with his wife.
    • His estranged wife was recently killed in a car crash, leaving him numb and vulnerable.
    • He just found out his wife has been having an affair.
    • The bond that was of greatest importance to him was the one he shared with his wife.
    • He met Cynthia while on holiday in Italy, shortly after divorcing his second wife.
    • My wife was ill last year and could not work.
    • The young wife's gaunt desolation is one of the most haunting aspects of the novel.
    • He is considering leaving Philadelphia and moving to New York, away from his wife and child.
    • My introduction to the wonder of dogs came from my wife Robyn.
    • Before he knew it, he and his wife were dragged out to the street.