Translation of wiggle in Spanish:


mover, v.

Pronunciation /ˈwɪɡəl//ˈwɪɡ(ə)l/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (toes) mover
    (hips) contonear
    (hips) menear
    • I wiggled my toes before moving towards the door turning on the lights and then I swung it open.
    • Lindbergh made them laugh by wiggling his ears and his shoes were so big that they put puppets in them at night.
    • Think of a needle, heated to a glowing red heat, plunged deep into your joints and then jiggled and wiggled about for your amusement.
    • I wiggled my toes inside my sneakers and willed the bus to wait.
    • Perhaps a person could control the response by wiggling a toe or moving a finger that has nanosensors embedded in it.
    • She squirmed and wiggled around a little and was able to shake the blanket off.
    • It was like wiggling milk teeth - you just can't leave it alone to drop out, you have to help it along.
    • She sighed as the family pet jumped onto her feet and wiggled between her toes.
    • Every time they told her to sit still she wiggled and squirmed as much as she could.
    • I wait for them at the top, dangling my feet off the side of the building, wiggling my stiff toes in the air.
    • He gave a mighty pull and - look there - wiggling on the end of his tweezers was my beautiful nerve ending.
    • He squirmed and wiggled free of her grip and began exploring the corners of her bed.
    • I fidgeted a little, slipping my rings between my fingers and wiggling my toes inside my sneakers.
    • I wiggled my toes and I felt them move so I guess that's a good sign.
    • Adam scrunched up his face, his tongue wiggling a loose tooth on the side of his mouth.
    • She wiggled her long toes in the sunlight and I told her she ought to be careful out here.
    • She stood there for a second, wiggling her toes into the fine sand, and inhaling the clean salty breeze.
    • She took her shoes off then, and wiggled her toes contentedly inside her silk stockings.
    • He lifted his bare foot, wiggling all of his toes in her face mockingly.
    • The Scot writhed and wiggled as much as his constraints would allow, trying to escape.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (hips) contonearse
    she wiggled past in her tight dress pasó contoneándose con su vestido ceñido
  • 2

    (road) serpentear


  • 1

    (of hips)
    contoneo masculine
    meneo masculine
    give the key a wiggle mueve / menea un poco la llave
    • If one overacts, the other has to add even more eyebrow wiggles and long, hard staring to top him.
    • No person could say that she moved in a suggestive manner, but the tiny wiggle of her hips was completely and absolutely sensual.
    • If you can't get up, do a series of in-seat exercises like toe wiggles, ankle rotations, knee lifts and shoulder shrugs.
    • ‘I might have written a poem about the Queen Mother's 100th birthday, but it wouldn't have been at all proper,’ he says with a cheeky wiggle of the eyebrows.
    • You know, down to the last wiggle of the hips, and down to every kind of expression of character and socialbility and her interests and all.
    • Each of Lydia's scenes with Diana is a battle of the dialogue-punctuating butt wiggles.
    • In retrospect, Presley's wiggles seem perfectly suited to a medium that showed the movements and performance styles that radio listeners could only imagine.
    • The blink of an eye, the wiggle of a thumb, the touch of a lobe, and thousands of pounds move from one account into another, the auctioneer's gavel, like a referee's whistle, the final arbiter.
    • Our generation's pseudo-hip-hop air jabbing and furtive wiggles just didn't hack it.
    • She led the way with her sexy wiggle without looking back to see if the client was following her or not.
    • Hence blondes, without even casting a come-hither glance or a wiggle of their child-rearing hips on the dance floor, appear more fertile to men simply by their natural colouring.
    • John motioned with a wiggle of his brows towards Lace's swaying bottom as she moved down the steps.
    • He still shows up opponents with his belly-shaking, fist-flailing ‘Walker Wiggle,’ though the wiggles come less frequently now.
    • With a quick wiggle of his hips he told the hundred or so in attendance that it was a combination of Lismore's strong love message and his desire to start in the race walk.
    • I can't bump any more but I can manage a sedate wiggle providing it doesn't go on too long.
    • I responded by tucking the cover in too tightly for your wiggle.
    • Ahmed guides us through the flat, desolate landscape with a complicated series of frenzied taps, hand wiggles and screams (we can only assume this is delight at our driving).
    • She tosses her head and glances over her shoulder to her Master, playfully adding a wiggle to her step.
    • She straightened to her full height (she barely came to Priss' shoulder) and gave her shoulders a wiggle of importance.
    • And not even the infamous wiggle of his Cleopatra can compare to his passion for golf.
  • 2

    (in road)
    curva feminine
    • He then mathematically superimposed additional wiggles and shifts representing the movements of the lunar perigee and nodes to bring this main, smooth loop closer to the moon's true orbit.
    • Another rounding error, another ‘journalistic rationale’ for the wiggles in the market chart.
    • If ever there was a lesson in following company fundamentals, investing for the long term, and ignoring the nonsense spouted about hot sectors, new economies, and wiggles in the share price chart, Logica is surely it.
    • It showed only a slight wiggle when rotated into vertical mode.
    • The artist combines elegant lines, wiggles and pointillism to create an atmosphere of surreal spaces surrounding the character.