Translation of wildcat in Spanish:


gato montés, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈwʌɪl(d)kat//ˈwaɪl(d)kæt/


  • 1

    • I think she played the boss' daughter and Kevin liked her but she was a real wildcat.
    • I soon found out she was not a kid. She was a regular little wildcat.
    • Peak exploration was in 1985 when 184 wildcats were drilled.
    • 1.1(European)

      gato montés masculine
      • A big wildcat can kill roe deer fawns, and sometimes even does.
      • Over the years, Owen Newman and I had filmed cheetahs, lions, leopards, African wildcats and servals (for the first ever film of them) but never caracals.
      • Dresser's team is fine-tuning the cloning of small cats like the African wildcat, as well as the largest: tigers.
      • Since Dolly's creation in 1996 a variety of other animals have been duplicated, including a caracal cat and an African wildcat.
      • Domestic cats are thought to have descended from the African subspecies of the wildcat.

    • 1.2(US) (bobcat)

      lince masculine
      • Though more tolerant of people than many other wildcats, bobcats tend to avoid large cultivated areas.
      • A highly adaptable wildcat of North America, the Bobcat has managed to survive in healthy numbers in a variety of habitats, consuming a diverse spectrum of prey, in both wild and inhabited regions.

  • 2

    fiera feminine
  • 3

    (oil well)
    pozo de exploración masculine


  • 1

    (speculation/project) arriesgado
    (speculation/project) riesgoso Latin America
  • 2

    (strike) salvaje
  • 3US