Translation of wilderness in Spanish:


páramo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwɪldərnəs//ˈwɪldənɪs/


  • 1

    (wasteland) páramo masculine
    (jungle) jungla feminine
    there are still pockets of true wilderness in the highlands en las tierras altas hay todavía zonas totalmente inexploradas
    • He went into the wilderness se fue al desierto
    • the garden is a wilderness el jardín es una jungla
    • she spent many years in the literary wilderness pasó muchos años totalmente marginada del mundo literario
    • when they come out of the political wilderness cuando vuelvan a integrarse a la vida política del país
    • Incredibly, 250 years ago the Lake District was seen as an ugly and inhospitable wilderness.
    • Villages of mud huts dot the hillsides and oases of green amid the barren wilderness provide sanctuary for its denizens.
    • I saw sequoias as tall and straight as skyscrapers, celestial waterfalls and a wilderness stretching to unseen horizons.
    • When Mohammed opened the wilderness of the Arabian desert he carried the Koran in one hand and a sword in the other.
    • But why do people come to Knock instead of sampling the serenity of Lough Derg or the wilderness of Croagh Patrick?
    • Because we were suppose to be barbarians running wild in the wilderness?
    • Ahead is a barren land of lochans and beautifully-ridged mountains rising steeply from an uninhabited wilderness.
    • Then they were released into the wilderness at the mountain's summit.
    • Ponies play a crucial role in the area's ecology by eating vast amounts of vegetation and preventing the landscape turning into a wilderness.
    • Who knows what might happen out there in the wilderness of desert?
    • Environmental campaigners are now battling in the courts to save the desert wilderness from further destruction.
    • There are different terrain types to consider if fighting out in the wilderness.
    • In the wilderness, climbers ascend frozen waterfalls and ice on mountains.
    • A lot of farmers went out of business, some of the more marginal farming areas reverted to wilderness.
    • It is a desert wilderness, but the separation and the fear are the same.
    • This does not necessarily mean going to some deserted place in the wilderness.
    • Carver starts out at a disadvantage, but over time becomes uniquely suited to the tropical wilderness.
    • That power isn't created by man but it's something that you see in a river in a mountain range, in a wilderness, in a wild lynx or mink and that is something that is so sacred.
    • It is very sad to see what was one of the best pitch & putt courses in the country turn into a wilderness.
    • Wild rice was the name because of the resemblance to rice paddies and because it was just growing wild in the wilderness.
    • To the right is a wilderness, abandoned to brambles, ground elder, bindweed and buddleia.
    • Isle Royale is an island wilderness supporting packs of wolves and herds of moose and is home to many rare plant species.
    • This is what they claim they are doing in the wilderness in their desert camps.
    • But householders in the Harwich Road area say their neighbourhood is becoming a wilderness.
    • At the time he was sixteen years old and part of a survey party that followed the Shenandoah River into the wilderness.
  • 2US

    (undeveloped land)
    parque natural masculine
  • 3

    (uninviting place)
    a wilderness of streets un laberinto de calles
    • a wilderness of chimney stacks un bosque de chimeneas