There are 2 main translations of will in Spanish

: will1will2


Pronunciation /wɪl//wɪl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(talking about the future)

      he'll come on Friday vendrá el viernes
      • he said he would come on Friday dijo que vendría / iba a venir el viernes
      • he won't ever change his ways no cambiará nunca
      • will you be staying at Jack's? ¿te vas a quedar en casa de Jack?
      • they'll've finished the bridge by then para entonces ya habrán acabado el puente
      • I knew they would have finished it yo sabía que lo habrían acabado / que lo iban a haber acabado
      • at the end of this month, he'll have been working here for a year este fin de mes hará / va a hacer un año que trabaja aquí
      • you'll live to regret this te vas a arrepentir de esto
      • it was a decision he would live to regret fue una decisión de la cual se iba a arrepentir / se arrepentiría más tarde
      • you won't leave without me, will you? no te irás sin mí ¿no?
      • Alcohol loosens tongues and will allow you to say things you will truly regret later.
      • The committee will also explore different ways of funding light rail to reduce costs.
      • From strong clumps you will get a great display of flowers that last for a long time.
      • Now that she has settled into the British way of life the move to Bradford is one she will never regret.
      • Each celebrity will be taking three penalties and a trophy will be presented to the winning side.
      • Soon there will be bitter regret at all the public land being squandered irredeemably.
      • It is usually a busy holiday weekend on the roads - but this year will be different.
      • As the river gets deeper the stronger current will start to take you downstream.
      • Pupils from Tong School will present a piece of drama based on substance misuse.
      • If the developers decide to put the road on part of the track bed then the town council will be powerless to stop them.
      • Clarke will know that if he performs well he will be in a strong position to bid for the premiership.
      • Whatever he says over the next day or two, I expect he will probably take a year off and then decide what to do.
      • During the festival he will present a series of new sculptural and printed works.
      • Examples of these different types of regimes will be given in the next section.
      • The tax will not be for life, and will stop when the fees have been paid off.
      • Capacity plans will be examined further in the next few months, but are not expected to change.
      • Organisers hope a celebrity guest will be present for the day, which was a huge success last year.
      • He will also present his views on what has been achieved so far and what is yet to come.
      • When he finally gets to see the contract, he will, in all probability, laugh as much as I did.
      • There is an expectation that there will be a reduction in staff numbers in the UK.

    • 1.2(expressing resolution)

      I won't let you down no te fallaré
      • The welfare of the tree is our main concern and we will do what we can to protect it.
      • I will stop being so silly and spontaneous and open towards everyone and everything.
      • We are people who stand by our friends at times of need and we will do so now.
      • One day we will succeed; it may take a long time, but finally, my generation – the first global generation – will fully understand the value of nature.
      • There will therefore be no accidents, no speeding, no road rage and no idiotic driving.
      • This is an ideal taster before you rush out and buy the album - which you inevitably will.
      • You have to believe in your own ability and that you will keep your place in the side.
      • It just takes so long to get the help needed but I'm so much stronger now and I know I will get through it.
      • We will win the title easily and at least a cup competition like the European or FA Cup.
      • Some health professionals also advocate cutting down if smokers cannot or will not stop.
      • If you make something special and powerful and honest and true, you will succeed.
      • In fact, I will continue laying the table outside until everyone refuses to join me.
      • We are a very strong team and we will turn it around.
      • As President, I will not wait for a green light from abroad when our safety is at stake.
      • We will stop the menace, so our children can once again play safely on the green.
      • I will persist until I succeed.
      • As long as smoking exists in a legal capacity I will continue to smoke in designated areas.
      • I will stand in the water and look at my stretching belly and thank Lakshmi for my great good luck.
      • You have to be very strong because you will get knockbacks and you'll have to reassess.

  • 2

    • 2.1(expressing willingness)

      will you do me a favor? ¿me haces un favor?
      • she won't tell us what happened no nos quiere decir qué pasó
      • we asked her, but she wouldn't tell us se lo preguntamos, pero no nos quiso decir
      • I won't stand for this no pienso tolerar esto
      • think what you will piensa lo que quieras / lo que te parezca
      • as you will! como quieras
      • try as he will, he can't do it por mucho que lo intenta, no logra hacerlo
      • it can be compared, if you will, to a detective novel puede comparárselo, si se quiere / por así decirlo con una novela policíaca
      • He is keen to cater to all and if requested will happily search out brands he doesn't already stock.
      • Bury is not hosting any official events, but will help groups to organise parties.
      • For her vacation, Julie decides to go wherever the first car that stops will take her.
      • On the surface it promotes the idea that the New York Times will cover all newsworthy events.
      • The fact that some retailers will accept euros is not an argument for replacing the pound.
      • Neither man will give his consent for the use of the embryos, which is required by law.

    • 2.2(in orders)

      will you stop interrupting! ¡quieres dejar de interrumpirme!
      • be quiet, will you! ¡quieres callarte!
      • By the way, you will stop me when I get a title graphic up that everyone likes won't you?

    • 2.3(in invitations)

      will you have a drink? ¿quieres tomar algo?
      • won't you come in? ¿no quieres pasar?
      • you'll stay for dinner, won't you? te quedas a cenar ¿no?

  • 3

    (expressing conjecture)
    there's a package for you — that'll be the books I ordered hay un paquete para ti — deben (de) ser los libros que encargué
    • won't they be having lunch now? ¿no estarán comiendo ahora?
    • you will have gathered that ... te habrás dado cuenta de que ...
    • that would have been in 1947 eso debe (de) haber sido en 1947
    • we had a long chat, but you wouldn't remember charlamos un rato largo, pero tú no te acordarás / no creo que tú te acuerdes
    • On reflection, Moss will probably feel he should have done a little better from close range.
    • The anger felt in the Square Mile will probably not be comprehensible to him, but it is real.
    • Some will have strong links with churches and faith groups and community centres.
    • Since this is a matter of probabilities, it will often not be easy to calculate.
    • However often the symptoms will be present for some months or years before help is sought.
  • 4

    • 4.1(indicating habit, characteristic)

      she'll be quite happy and all of a sudden she'll burst out crying es capaz de estar de lo más contenta y de repente echarse a llorar
      • I'll watch anything on television yo soy capaz de mirar cualquier cosa en la televisión
      • he'd go out and get drunk every Saturday todos los sábados salía a emborracharse
      • they'd sit up all night discussing politics solían quedarse levantados toda la noche hablando de política
      • don't worry, these things will happen no te preocupes, son cosas que pasan
      • oil and water won't mix el aceite y el agua no se mezclan
      • he will jump to conclusions él siempre tiene que precipitarse a sacar conclusiones
      • what do you expect, if you will keep spoiling him? ¿qué quieres, si lo mimas continuamente?
      • you won't be told, will you? ¡qué cosa! ¿por qué no haces caso?
      • All I have to do is walk down the street and kids and adults will stop and gawk at me.
      • Americans will do anything to avoid a drawn match and in baseball they do anything.
      • If you are a few feet away from the bus stop or running towards it, the driver will not stop for you.
      • They will do this at a certain time of day and the great thing is to break them of the habit.
      • He is a strong character and will make people listen to him, but he always has the argument to back his ideas up.
      • The strongest animals will never allow themselves to be captured and put in cages.

    • 4.2(indicating capability)

      it will do 40 miles per gallon hace 40 millas por galón
      • this door won't shut esta puerta no cierra / no quiere cerrar
      • the car wouldn't start, so I took a taxi el coche no arrancó / no quiso arrancar, así que me tomé un taxi
      • I was getting nervous because the car wouldn't start me estaba poniendo nervioso porque el coche no arrancaba
      • They will also float if you drop one overboard and you can scoop it up with a fish net.
      • The way we choose to interpret and perceive stares will influence our ability to cope with them.
      • The official line is that the blocks will stop a truck driven by a suicide-bomber.
      • Most prefer sun where their colour will be brighter, but will also cope with light shade.
      • Remember most of the dance and aerobics videos will require a clear space for you to move in.
      • We must develop a program that will drive the nation to a guaranteed annual income.
      • Testing of hair will provide an indicator of drug use at the time the hair was grown.
      • You should stop when the syllabub will lie in thick, soft folds, only just keeping its shape.
      • It is, however, well established that the land with a crop on it will hold more water than a bare field.
      • There are shareware programs that will generate tones of frequencies you specify.
      • My present finances will run to either a pogo stick or a pair of roller skates.
      • A glance at a field guide will indicate the vast area occupied by breeding curlews.


When translating will into Spanish, the future tense is not always the first option. Ir + a + infinitive is common in Latin American countries. For examples, see the entry below.

There are 2 main translations of will in Spanish

: will1will2


voluntad, n.

Pronunciation /wɪl//wɪl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(faculty)

      voluntad feminine
      the teaching of the Church on freedom of will la doctrina de la Iglesia sobre el libre albedrío
      • she has a will of her own sabe lo que quiere
      • this machine has a will of its own esta máquina está endiablada
      • A recent television program on Siamese twins demonstrated how a pair of joined, genetically identical humans had different preferences and quite distinct wills and spirits.
      • Ambitious on it as they are off it, the players are technically-gifted and hard-working, with a will of iron.
      • The critique of Manichee dualism and determinism led him to lay strong emphasis on the will.
      • Conflict is always a conflict of minds and wills of the parties involved.
      • And rather than having his will broken with the harshness of an over-firm hand, he keeps his spirit.
      • The novel traces her effort to find and then preserve her own identity as a woman, with a will and desires of her own, rather than as a queen, expected to play a role that does not answer the innermost promptings of her heart.
      • It takes a real blockhead with a will of iron to make it worse.
      • We have to recognise that we have laid most of the building blocks already and that it is too late to win a battle of wills.
      • It became this battle of wills between the two sides.
      • He would have burned the ‘Sea Lyrics’ on the spot, had his will been strong enough to set them aflame.
      • After the christening, the ship majestically slides to the bottom of the harbor, and so we haven't managed after all to launch her, though that was our intention and our wills were in perfect working order.
      • Second, it is clear that we sometimes ‘want what we by no means want to want’: our bodies react with pleasure and desire independently of our wills.
      • Rather than conforming their minds, hearts and wills to God's purposes, humans are adept at manipulating the name of God to serve their own agendas.
      • If he is determined to make this a battle of wills, the outcome could be very messy.
      • Indeed, like any parent of a growing child, he found himself increasingly confronting an independent entity with a will of its own.
      • Just as breaking the enemy's will is the surest way to success, so having our will broken is the surest path to defeat.
      • Both had the ability to impose their wills over their opponents.
      • Rival deities battle to impose their wills upon the world.
      • He had fear in him but a strong will that motivated him to continue with his orders.
      • They may impose their wills, but that does not bring respect.

    • 1.2(determination, willpower)

      voluntad feminine
      he showed enormous strength of will demostró tener una gran (fuerza de) voluntad
      • they didn't manage to break her will no consiguieron doblegarla
      • a will of iron una voluntad férrea / de hierro
      • she seems to have lost the will to live parece que hubiera perdido las ansias / las ganas de vivir
      • they set about their tasks with a will se pusieron a trabajar con empeño
      • where there's a will, there's a way querer es poder
      • It took all my willpower to restrain from running to the harbor and instead follow Mr. Kenton at a swift pace.
      • It took me all my willpower, which isn't much, to not ring him back.
      • With a combination of willpower and unending generosity, fans managed to haul the club back from the brink.
      • Now, there is no longer any need for willpower: you have remade yourself.
      • My own willpower in such situations usually fails me.
      • She soon realized that wasn't going to work, and that simple willpower would have to do.
      • Quitting smoking is an uphill climb which requires patience, willpower and lots of tissues.
      • Each, through sheer willpower and application, became a supreme footballer.
      • I am proud of myself; I have managed to fulfill a feat of endurance and willpower and maintain control over my body.
      • The man looked to be using every ounce of willpower he possessed to restrain himself.
      • I even turned to drinking once but overcame it with hard work and willpower.
      • But it is also a story of indomitable willpower, and the courage and dignity of the human spirit.
      • What underlies his willpower is the knowledge that he has trained as hard as possible.
      • But riding is not just another routine challenge she can master through sheer willpower.
      • It doesn't require willpower, and it doesn't even need you to worry directly about your diet or exercise levels at all.
      • His tears were coming down his cheeks faster now but he had no will left to stop it.
      • While some have the strength and willpower to be able to quit on their own, many others will need a bit more help and support.
      • But if your willpower starts to wane, start paying more attention to what you are eating.
      • It was all downhill from there I guess: I have absolutely no willpower, damn me.
      • How the ambulances manage to get through in an emergency is anybody's guess, sheer willpower and good luck I think.

    • 1.3(desire, intention)

      voluntad feminine
      it was her will that ... quiso que ...
      • the will of the people la voluntad del pueblo
      • it was God's will Dios así lo quiso
      • I don't want to force you against your will no quiero obligarte contra tu voluntad
      • he did it against his father's will lo hizo contra la voluntad de su padre
      • with the best will in the world con la mejor voluntad del mundo
      • patients may come and go at will los pacientes pueden entrar y salir cuando les place
      • she was able to cry at will podía llorar cuando le daba la gana
      • fire at will! ¡fuego a discreción!
      • I doubted, as I watched over the little boy's head, that the old man would live, but there were always several people who had strong wills to live.
      • These were two egos competing for attention in a town where celebrities are omnipresent, each pulling in different directions, yet both fired with a will to win.
      • Artistic talent is very often present, but the will to express this talent may be slow to appear.
      • Against this image of authority lay that of the tsar, the very good but very mysterious ‘little father’ of his peoples, who had his will constantly thwarted by the likes of landlords and officers, those who exercised immediate authority.
      • There is a will to succeed that took too long to hone to be put into retirement so soon.
      • This is a declaration of military intent, of the will to shed blood and tears for a fellow nation.
      • Everyone who heard Boris was left feeling tremendously buoyant about life in general and bursting with a will to go out and do everything possible to help the Conservative cause.
      • The will or desire to act can be wholesome at one moment and unwholesome at another moment.
      • She says that her experience in care left her with a will and a means to destroy herself quietly for many years both physically and psychologically.
      • He won because he had to win; because for him, the will to win is as strong as the will to live.
      • As Hume illustrates, we might suppose that there are no Reasons in the area of ethics - just the desires or wills of particular persons, not necessarily shared or respected by anyone else.
      • Anyone with a will to live wouldn't have taken such a great risk.
      • Jacklin is not alone in questioning the will to succeed among some of the young players in Europe.
      • It's likely that these TV personalities aren't actually lefty liberals with a will to help the poor and needy.
      • Hopefully I'll come back refreshed and with a will to get on with lots of exciting things!
      • Even people who care about the country are slowly having their will to change things drained out of them.
      • Like many philosophers he held that the highest form of freedom involves willing as one should, namely, having one's will in step with one's right values.

  • 2

    testamento masculine
    to make one's will hacer su (/ mi etc. ) testamento
    • last will and testament última voluntad y testamento
    • In her classes, she pestered professors with questions about how the legal topic in question - wills and trusts, property law - might apply to pets.
    • The manual, launched on 22 February, will help in writing wills and testaments.
    • Durable power of attorney documents, like wills and trusts, can be changed or rewritten as needed.
    • Among other material now available online is Scotland's statutory registers of births, deaths and marriages along with wills and testaments.
    • The names revealed can then be researched in newspapers of the time and at the National Archive, where records of wills, births and deaths will reveal further information.
    • He was accused of deliberately increasing the dosage of opiates used as pain relief in order to end the lives of patients who had left him money in their wills.
    • It is essential that both partners make wills appointing testamentary guardians in the event of their death while the children are still under 18.
    • They make a big thing about their reliance on benefactors, and every ten years or so, they invite their ex-students back for a nice slap-up meal and a bit of a speech to remind us how to leave them money in our wills.
    • Specifics such as whether the couples were registered partners or had drawn up legal wills shall factor into each decision.
    • The Family Records Centre, in Islington, holds census information from 1841, wills and birth, death and marriage certificates.
    • And those jurisdictions have also eliminated discrimination in the areas of property division, wills, stamp duty and hospital visitation rights.
    • Mr Prior has reminded me that he is the nominated executor of two wills of other members of his family.
    • It's also important to draw up wills to clarify legal custody in the case of unexpected death.
    • Up and down the country, thousands of other people have done the same, yet all of us knew at the time we signed such documents that these wills had no proper legal status.
    • The couple have been to Christchurch twice before and spent a great deal of time on the last visit researching marriages and death records, wills and shipping records.
    • There must be many people even now who have such an agreement with their doctor and I would like to see such informal contracts accepted as legal, in the same way in which I believe codicils to wills are.
    • Members of religious orders may inherit only small life pensions and cannot dispose of property through wills.
    • Not long after that, we found out that Mom and Dad had left us all a lot of money in their wills.
    • Save in the case of those rash testators who make their own wills, the proper transmission of property from one generation to the next is dependent upon the due discharge by solicitors of their duties.
    • There is a widely held view among solicitors that do-it-yourself wills only result in making lawyers richer.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (urge, try to cause)
    I was willing her to get the answer right estaba deseando con todas mis fuerzas / con toda mi voluntad que diera la respuesta correcta
    • we all willed him on to the finish tanto lo deseábamos, que lo ayudamos a llegar a la meta
  • 2formal

    (desire, ordain)
    (God) disponer
    (God) querer
  • 3

    dejar en testamento