Translation of willies in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈwɪlɪz//ˈwɪliz/

plural noun


  • 1

    it gives me/I get the willies me pone los pelos de punta informal
    • Whatever the hang-up, catfish give some people the willies, even here in the Southern Catfish Belt.
    • No one cares about it anymore; Gnat's more interested in exterior ants, the Death Farm gives my wife the willies, but I feed them and give them water.
    • Beautiful countryside (like Canada in miniature), but those roads and the rail/car bridges gave me the willies!
    • ‘It gave you the willies,’ said Brendan J. McGarry, a veteran transit police officer.
    • The notion of having the government take over an industry that represents about 15 percent of the U.S. economy gives U.S. executives the willies.
    • I was delighted to hear, a couple of years ago, that barn owls had taken to peering into bedroom windows of flats in East Delhi, giving the incumbents the willies no doubt!
    • OK, now that I've got the willies, let's talk about the pesky critters.
    • One tape gives me the willies - it's about a stuffed bear who is rejected in the store because he lacks a button, so at night he searches through the department store for the button that will make him loved.
    • Not surprisingly, the case has given everyone from the police to the courts - and yours truly - a case of the willies.
    • Now I know that just the thought of having a doctor check for a problem is giving you the willies, but think about it.
    • But there's no question he gives the political establishment the willies, as even the best-dressed party crashers tend to do.
    • She believed in all sorts of things that give conservatives the willies.
    • Because we don't have the experience of what would have happened under other policy settings, I think bright-eyed economic rationalism still gives people the willies.
    • It gives even field-hardened terrorism experts the willies: bad guys launching shoulder-fired missiles at jetliners, killing hundreds and grounding air traffic.
    • Two terms that really give me the willies are ‘sound designer’ and ‘experimental musician.’
    • I don't know about you, but snakes give me the willies.
    • Even other people's cats and dogs and canaries gave her the willies (as she, it often seemed, gave them).
    • Lead guitarists from rock bands give me the willies also.
    • Frankly the history behind that name gives me the willies but its different when my dad says it.
    • It's a spider which in theory is harmless, except that just looking at its big hairy legs gives me the willies.