Translation of wily in Spanish:


astuto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwaɪli//ˈwʌɪli/

adjectivewilier, wiliest

  • 1

    • In verity, the foreign debt issue has already put Zambia on a wild economic frontier in this wily world.
    • Even the wily street vendors are offering their goods at genuine bargain prices.
    • But scientists are finding that the wily creatures can stop cancer in its tracks.
    • Others fought over what fell, scampering across the yard playing wily comedies of keep-away.
    • He's like that wily friend who's always getting you into trouble but whom you can't help but forgive.
    • But that would be a crass sort of opinion to attribute to a wily man like Pilate.
    • The wily old fox of cricket had his guests enthralled by witty conversation, which ran late into the night.
    • He had made one mistake, he had not counted on the skill and determination of his wily opponent.
    • But within minutes the wily beetle has dragged the spider across a hillock of red earth and crammed it into its small hole.
    • It caused uproar at the time, but the wily Italian must be sitting back with a smug smile, puffing on that metaphorical cigar.
    • I'm no technician, but a wily old trader once told me to ignore the news and trust the charts.
    • As it turns out, uneducated village communists are no match for wily bourgeois sneakiness.
    • As a wily guerilla leader and resistance fighter, he deserves respect.
    • He has been a wily politician and he knows that the land issue is an over-simplification.
    • His vulnerability, his emotions are those of the wily and ingenuous country lawyer.
    • Cunning eyes, wily grins, pesky faces had beamed tenacity and aptness and survival.
    • Completing the family portrait are his ever-compliant wife and wily old dad.
    • He seems less the wily fighting fox and more the cornered stag.
    • I had no idea such cunning and wily interrogation techniques were still permitted in the Western world.
    • The scene is now set for a series of double-crosses where the wily Carol emerges as the sharpest operator of them all.