Translation of wimp in Spanish:


pelele, n.

Pronunciation /wɪmp//wɪmp/



  • 1

    pelele masculine informal
    • These days tram travel isn't half as cool - the trams are for wimps, with heating, doors, and no chance of enjoying a ride on the running board and getting yourself killed by falling off it like in days of yore.
    • When I was finally able to leave, after thanking the teacher like a cowardly wimp, I wondered whether the just-concluded event was a meeting of parents or a lecture on them.
    • In Idaho, nine-to-four lift hours are for wimps.
    • She had to harden herself so that she could get on with life instead of acting like a wimp, a selfish wimp at that.
    • Again, this is another case of the wimps leading the wimps.
    • Only wimps and wusses blamed their misfortune on others - real men made their own fortune.
    • This is not a game for wimps, quitters, or the easily-bruised: there will be no quick fixes.
    • In some ways I am just a scared little guy, a wimp.
    • It's shocking that so few have raised doubts and that the ones who have are called wimps, traitors and worse, with their lives threatened by cowards hiding behind anonymous letters and phone calls.
    • And the cowards and wimps don't do a single thing about it.
    • These if-onlys seemed clever arguments at the time, because the administration kept thundering that diplomacy was for wimps and Congress was being meddlesome in trying to constrain the commander in chief.
    • Consequently, compared with wild mice, lab mice are wimps - slower, weaker, and less active - even if both have lived their entire lives in cages the size of a shoe box.
    • I can't stand namby-pamby wimps; it's my working-class background.
    • And they have concluded that one way to show that we are not in fact a party of wimps and sissies is to call out the Republicans.
    • To the local reporters, guys from Texas, the visiting journalistic prima donnas are just a bunch of Washington media wimps, whining about the heat.
    • Boys who don't conform are ridiculed, called wimps and wusses.
    • Liberals were seen as weak-kneed wimps, unwilling to use force internationally and preoccupied with social welfare internally; local patriotisms prevailed everywhere.
    • Sometimes, especially at National Review, the animus against braininess has overlapped with a crusade for traditional manliness - the idea being that book learning is for wimps.
    • ‘The men here are wimps,’ the hotel receptionist said scornfully.
    • The Christian life is not for wimps, loafers or weaklings.