Translation of wince in Spanish:


Pronunciation /wɪns//wɪns/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hacer un gesto de dolor
    (shudder) estremecerse
    she didn't so much as wince when I took off the bandage no hizo el más mínimo gesto cuando le quité la venda
    • some of the things he said made you wince algunas de las cosas que dijo daban vergüenza ajena
    • to wince at sth
    • she winced at the pain se le crispó el rostro del dolor
    • I winced at the thought of seeing him again me estremecí de solo pensar en volverlo a ver
    • She turned to look at him, and he winced to see a slight glistening in her green eyes.
    • He twitched his head, and winced as a pain shot along the left side of his face.
    • Mike was now copying our dad's voice, which made me wince with emotional pain.
    • She winced in pain from the stitches in her shoulder when she reached down to the floor.
    • Flora winced in pain as she watched blood trickle down from the wound.
    • He glanced sideways at Niall and Luke, and winced to see them writhing in pain from the fumes.
    • He blinked at her quizzically a few times, and then looked back at his wound, and winced in pain.
    • As soon as his left shoulder blade touched the door, he winced in pain.
    • I winced in pain, so distracted by his intensity that I was deaf to the clunking of boots on the concrete floor.
    • Emily said and did nothing but wince slightly in pain.
    • I now wince with pain if I have to use another atlas; browsing this one is bliss.
    • I winced, half in pain, half because I knew what was coming and half because of all the chewing gum stuck to me.
    • Dr. Kline noticed the anxious girl wince in sudden pain and immediately stepped closer to Leanne.
    • Seria dropped to all fours and winced as pain cut through her palms like a sharp knife.
    • I fell backward onto the bed and winced as the pain shot up my torso from my injured leg.
    • She winced in pain as he kicked her again, this time harder, and then again even harder.
    • She winced, but refused to let them see her pain so she bit her lip and held her chin high.
    • He then answers his own question with a vicious sideways slash that drops the bloody-nosed gumshoe to the ground while the entire audience winces in sympathetic pain.
    • She tried to stand, but she winced in pain and clutched her side before slumping back onto the chair.
    • He lightly touched the burn along his ribcage and winced, drawing a sharp intake of breath.


  • 1

    gesto (de dolor) masculine
    mueca (de dolor) feminine
    she gave a wince (of pain) hizo un gesto / una mueca de dolor