Translation of wind chimes in Spanish:

wind chimes

campanillas de viento, n.

plural noun

  • 1

    campanillas de viento feminine
    • This has led some people to believe that they are practicing Feng Shui simply by dangling a wind chime by a window.
    • On one side of his mobile home, Cohen has built a deck decorated with bamboo wind chimes and flowerpots.
    • An odd assortment of home center and crafts store finds come together for this handmade wind chime.
    • She bought a small wind chime at the flea market and hung it in her kitchen, too.
    • Hang your wind chime by your door so that you can hear it first thing upon arriving home.
    • A wall hanging with a touch of creativity, a wind chime that tinkles as it sways, and specially-prepared sweet hampers could create the right impression at almost any social occasion.
    • You can even get chimes that are hand tuned if you are really into the sound quality of your wind chime.
    • For example, one wind chime is lovely but dozens of them all playing different tones is not quite so good.
    • My dolphin-shaped wind chime hung above the window, but it was still and silent as if it was waiting for something to happen before daring to make a sound.
    • The chandelier doubles as a gentle wind chime when a breeze hits.
    • Trying to decide if I ever heard a single bell or wind chime that sounded out of tune, I couldn't think of a single instance.
    • From the vines above, I hung ceramic bells from an old wind chime, and a paper mâché figure of the man in the moon that I made.
    • I glared menacingly out the window as the wind chime shuddered and rang from the gale.
    • A small rock-based fountain in the corner of a room, a planter of bright flowers in the window or wind chimes at the door all make an Earth presence.
    • There is too much furniture and clutter in the second bedroom, including the wind chimes hanging in the window, which could be removed.
    • It is good to hang pink (heart-shaped) crystals and wind chimes in a sunny window to attract good love energy (yang).
    • I picked up my glass wind chimes and threw them against the mirror.
    • Bright sunlight streamed in to my room through my open window, causing my wind chimes to sparkle and throw dancing patterns of light on the walls.
    • The wind chimes above the door made a noise as she entered.
    • Get a wind chime and hang it where your baby can gaze at it, move and hear the pleasant music it plays.