Translation of wind machine in Spanish:

wind machine

máquina de viento, n.


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    (in theater)
    máquina de viento feminine
    • A similar mood was elicited by the Argentinian artist Tomas Saraceno in Un Mundo, an installation that included an inflatable beach-ball globe buffeted by a wind machine.
    • The second person who died was the guy organizing the wind machine, which was a propeller from an old Russian plane.
    • The percussion was especially impressive - five timpani, and lots of sound effect type instruments, tam-tam, whip, wind machine, and various tuned percussion, along with the usual ones.
    • Oh, and they all wear black - big black t-shirts and big black knee-length shorts - and do a strange dance that appears to involve lurching back and forth, usually in the direction of a wind machine.
    • Someone should have organised for a wind machine to blow tumbleweeds past in the background.
    • With a railway carriage from a movie set and a wind machine and three phonographs, they take her to all her favorite haunts, providing appropriate accents and cooking for each day.
    • It's probably the best song on the record after ‘IYM’, complete with horns, what sounds like a wind machine, and a transcendent drum track.
    • Scored for a massive orchestra, it also calls for such sound effects as cowbells and wind machine.
    • For this majority, having costume changes, confetti cannons, wind machines, fake blood, stage diving and a laser light show is a welcome change.
    • Later, at the Museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge, I draped the West Pediment from the Temple of Zeus at Olympia with cloth animated by a theatre wind machine for a work called Pneuma.
    • ‘It's brilliant though isn't it,’ he shouts back over the sound of an out of control wind machine.
    • No explanation was needed for the finale, in which a bare-breasted model in a sweeping kimono struggled against a wind machine in a glass passageway suspended above the catwalk.
    • Mike whipped his tee and pants off in a scene that should have been played in slow motion with a wind machine to some cheesy-sexy eighties music.
    • But when the cameras rolled - even though there were 85 wind machines on and you knew you'd have to loop absolutely everything - there was something about the power of the language that helped you defy gravity.
    • A multitude of stars, including Dame Judi Dench, Rowan Atkinson, Cliff Richard and Joanna Lumley, will perform in a pageant, where the Queen Mum will be showered with rose petals aided by a wind machine as she passes along the Mall.
    • His crew arranges cotton balls around the cardboard cutout of a small flyer, wind machines providing the breeze in his hair, the lights go down, and a director calls - ‘Action!’
    • The composer legendarily augmented his orchestra with a wind machine.
    • She made her way to a platform in the middle of the court and gyrated suggestively in front of a wind machine.
    • We're also getting a big wind machine out for a beach scene tomorrow.
    • To this he adds his trademark use of colour, first displayed in Red Sorghum - rich, sensuous, symbolic - along with starkly beautiful landscapes, slo-mo drops of water and blood, metres of rippling silk and a truckload of wind machines.
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    turbina de viento feminine
    • Cheap and falling fuel prices, certainly in terms of fuelling power stations, have led to unnecessary inefficiencies of energy use and to fewer wind machines and other renewables getting off the ground than anticipated 10 years ago.
    • Hundreds of wind machines will have to be erected around Scotland over the next 10 years to cut the pollution that is disrupting the climate, says the government's conservation agency Scottish Natural Heritage.
    • Over the past decade, 500 wind machines have sprouted around the little hamlet, which lies 15 miles from Zaragoza.
    • And over the next few years, as the costs shrink, wind machines will likely grow in number and in size.
    • Finally, apart from $530 million that DOE put up for individual giant wind machines, there was no capital on which to build a wind energy industry.
    • The Senate has also approved a Small Turbine Investment Credit for homeowners who install residential wind machines, which the AWEA supports.
    • Lovins said that three-quarters of all wind machines sold in the world come from Denmark and he was sure that Taiwan could make inexpensive wind machines.
    • Water tanks, wind machines and a furnace surrounded the centre.
    • Experimentation on large wind machines continued in the U.S., France, Germany, Great Britain and Denmark.
    • Its wind machines, each with blades 100 feet long, together generate 40 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 32,000 households in Denmark's bustling capital.
    • Unlike burning coal or oil, wave and wind machines do not spew sulphur and cause acid rain.