Translation of wind tunnel in Spanish:

wind tunnel

túnel aerodinámico, n.


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    túnel aerodinámico masculine
    • So if you look behind the façade of the track performance at the moment we see a lot of improvement within the organisational team and use of the wind tunnel as an effective tool.
    • Donal triumphs where others have failed, the first man to withstand hurricane force winds of 136 mph in a wind tunnel, parachuting through freezing air in the Arctic and swimming beneath the ice.
    • To test any new designs, the brothers took another huge step past the competition: They created a wind tunnel.
    • The teams use scale models and wind tunnel testing to hone their developments.
    • Put that wing in a wind tunnel and measure the effect of various wind speeds and you have a simulation.
    • The first week of training - called ground week - sends them to Fort Bragg where they become familiar with freefall stabilization in a wind tunnel.
    • To arrive at our final choice, several comparative types were tested in the Lockheed wind tunnel, including the so-called laminar flow sections.
    • The Wright brothers didn't just invent the airplane but they really also invented aeronautical engineering, and the wind tunnel and the airplane really are two halves of the invention.
    • The wind tunnel was upgraded at a cost of $18 million and reopened in 1999.
    • Investments such as the wind tunnel, new headquarters and Dayton Thermal will help the company meet a growing demand for its products in North America, say executives.
    • It is being tested in a wind tunnel at the Arnold Engineering Development Center in Tullahoma, Tenn.
    • A former aircraft engineer, Sayer used the wind tunnel at RAF Farnborough to come up with a design that promised high-speed stability as well as low drag.
    • The brothers fabricated their airframe and engine as well as the instruments they used to measure the craft's performance; they even made their own wind tunnel to test their wing and control techniques.
    • During that time, he set up MIT's pioneer course in aeronautical engineering - and constructed the most advanced wind tunnel in America.
    • BAE Systems, with factories at Warton and Samlesbury, will work on aircraft structures and wind tunnel testing.
    • During those short nine months, numerous then-revolutionary testing methods - including a wind tunnel, and a full-size fuselage mock-up - were undertaken.
    • Before conversion work began at the Intracom plant at Smolensk, a scale model was tested in a wind tunnel at the Zhukovsky Institute in Moscow.
    • His interest in aeronautics now had a real chance to become a research topic with the construction at Göttingen of a wind tunnel for the Zeppelin airship company.
    • Hibbard listened to the young designer and sent Johnson and the model back to the wind tunnel for further testing.
    • This sound mix is about as good as the transfer - there are a lot of instances where the dialogue, music, and effects sound as if they were recorded in a wind tunnel.