Translation of windswept in Spanish:


azotado por el viento, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwɪn(d)swɛpt//ˈwɪn(d)swɛpt/


  • 1

    (open to wind)
    (plain/beach) azotado por el viento
    • Walking on wet limestone is like walking on ice and the windswept nature of the region makes death from exposure a very real threat.
    • After a plantation of conifers there was a windswept field.
    • As I looked out over the windswept landscape, I felt as if I were pulled into the drama revealing itself to me.
    • Every weekend thousands of thrifty Yorkshire folk trek to windswept fields to rummage through boxes of junk in the hope of finding something special.
    • My family's roots are in Lanarkshire, where funerals are typically sombre affairs held in a chapel, followed by a graveside service at a windswept cemetery.
    • The prospect of an intense evening of ‘towpath humping’ at a rainy, windswept canal near Paisley doesn't faze the actress in the least.
    • An isolated, bleak windswept wilderness it lies well off the beaten track and until recently was completely closed to foreigners.
    • We'd recommend against choosing redwood or any other natural wood in the wet and windswept environment you describe.
    • Our new training oval that replaced the best surface in the AFL at Victoria Park, is nothing more than an undersized windswept ghetto that was once a swamp.
    • The Cape of Good Hope is a wild, windswept nature reserve that would pass for coastal Kerry, except for the baboons and unusual vegetation.
    • Inverewe Gardens and lively Ullapool are at odds with the rugged, windswept landscape of the Wester Ross coast, discovers Tom Lappin
    • Among the rich and the famous who came to mourn her, one figure stood out in the windswept cemetery - Frank Sinatra.
    • There was something raw and elemental about Dorset's windswept landscape that I'd missed, and which I needed, if only to remind myself what the city lacked.
    • Before arriving on our windswept streets, Walker served as the Executive Director of Vermont Stage Company.
    • ‘We all have our reasons for living here,’ said one, spreading her arms wide to take in the vast expanse of barren, windswept land.
    • His move to transform what was once just a windswept field came in the wake of government plans to recycle burial areas, because space in the nation's cemeteries is running out.
    • The fen part of the county, with its vast horizons and lonely windswept fields, has always been an acquired taste.
    • The violet flowers of butterworts nod manically at the roadside, seeming too delicate for this windswept terrain.
    • Dripping wet and deeply disturbed, the smartly-dressed man was discovered walking along a windswept road beside the sea.
    • After the Great Famine, many who had started life in a windswept village found themselves ending it in Hammersmith or Hell's Kitchen.
  • 2

    (person) despeinado
    (hair) alborotado
    • His white blonde hair was windswept and dishevelled, and his bright blue eyes were bright and alert.
    • I ran a hand through my windswept hair and glanced down at my clothes.
    • There was a smudge of dirt across her nose and her hair was windswept.
    • Tyler ran his hand through his already windswept hair.
    • The quiet atmosphere of the room was shattered by Noah's entrance; he burst through the door, his face flushed and his hair windswept.
    • Her face is splattered with mud and her hair is tangled and windswept.
    • He had that sort of windswept hair and unshaven look that only an artist could pull off.
    • We slowly got up, our hair windswept, our heads aching with dizziness.
    • A plump teenage boy stares back at me with wide eyes set in a pale face crowned with windswept dark hair.
    • Her hair was windswept, the stray strands gently framing her rosy face.
    • Rhea peeked out from the cover of her arms, drawing her windswept hair away from her tear-filled eyes.
    • Hague looked hopelessly windswept as his strands of hair got blown about.
    • He was a bit windswept, his hair rather unkempt and his jacket wrinkled, after riding such a long way on horseback, but he looked the same as ever to the girls.
    • Ashtaye's long, ebony hair was still windswept, and Tara's equally long, white hair was still silky.
    • His shock of black hair looked windswept, and beneath it, his eyes peered out curiously from behind wire-frame glasses.
    • Her hair was short and windswept, and its color matched the pale purple of the sky at twilight.