Translation of wing collar in Spanish:

wing collar


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    cuello de camisa de esmoquin o frac
    • The young man's black hair is parted in the middle, he sports a moustache and sideburns, and wears a large black cravat under a wide wing collar.
    • Moir's grandfather was the son of a butler, sporting spats and a wing collar.
    • Bearded in some instances, clean-shaven in others, Lincoln is invariably shown in a black suit and white shirt with wing collar and black bow tie.
    • You can wear three basic types of shirts with a tuxedo: wing collar, turndown collar and mandarin collar.
    • The Ascot stock should be worn with a wing collar as an accessory to morning dress, although even the Prince of Wales is now to be seen sporting an ordinary tie and turned-down collar.