Translation of winger in Spanish:


extremo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwɪŋə//ˈwɪŋər/



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    extremo masculine
    puntero masculine Southern Cone Colombia
    • They have brought in three more attacking players in wingers Luciano and Khalilou Fadiga and playmaker Andy van der Meyde, so the signs point towards a more offensive approach.
    • It is refreshing to see wingers again scoring the kind of long-range tries you associate with them.
    • Robben did what very few wingers or wide players are capable of doing: he made his flank the centre of the game and changed the whole dynamics of the pitch.
    • That puts added pressure on the puck-moving defenseman and his wingers.
    • How many wingers nowadays can score as prolifically as that?
    • To place this into context let us consider other international wingers.
    • Or, rather, there are wingers, but they're masquerading as fullbacks.
    • He is a defender, he is a midfielder but he is also an attacker - a winger who makes and scores goals.
    • If the winger beats two players and then crosses it for the striker, then there should be no problem.
    • Bridge had thrown out a superb long ball to the winger and just when it looked like he was away for his third, play was called back.
    • For modern wingers, rugby league is a game of split-second choices.
    • Maybe one day, budding wingers all over the footballing world will try to perform a ‘Robben Turn’?
    • He is a very good player, a classic winger with lot of power, and is very quick.
    • The word, as in Spanish, means cross, appropriate for the son of one of the best wingers in the sport.
    • You have to handle him differently from the way you would normal wingers; he occupies two or three defenders.
    • He did not have a traditional center forward, his wingers were tall, quick and skillful, his central midfielders aggressive ball-winners.
    • In front of him the team consists of two banks of three players - three guards in defence and two wingers and a centre forward in attack.
    • The game's dominant wingers play the right side, and a right-catching goaltender can be a tough puzzle for shooters to solve.
    • True, their current playing styles are very similar - one striker, two galloping wingers, one prime mover and two midfield stiflers - so there's a risk they could nullify each other.
    • These are two teams with impressive offensive arsenals and plenty of gifted wingers.