Translation of wingman in Spanish:


wingman, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwɪŋmən//ˈwɪŋmən//ˈwɪŋˌmæn/

nounPlural wingmen

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    wingman feminine
    piloto de flanco feminine
    • Unless the pilot recovered quickly, collision with a wingman was more than likely.
    • My wingman aborted somewhere along the line, and I escorted a B- 17 to a successful ditching in the middle of the North Sea.
    • Canadian pilots, who train with their American counterparts, were never assigned as wingmen to US pilots in missions over the former Yugoslavia.
    • The wingman at the wheel has as much responsibility for landing the U - 2 as the pilot.
    • What would you do if your wingman or an aircraft from outside your flight declared an emergency?
    • So, instead of a pilot having to toggle three different systems and rely on his wingman to confirm a threat, the F - 22 does much of that for him.
    • We saw a trail of fuel behind us, so we called our wingman to join up overhead for an inspection.
    • During formation flight, the lead aircraft has right-of-way and the wingman yields.
    • As with most combat fighter wings, five wingmen flew in formation behind the lead fighter, usually the senior officer.
    • The main responsibility of the number two, or wingman, was to guard his leader from an attack from his quarter, or from behind, while the leader navigated his small force and also covered his wingman.
    • Keeping a relatively tight formation in rough air was physically taxing, especially if you were flying wingman positions in a six-ship flight.
    • On one of his quick ascents during one of the many dogfights that day, Roll's wingman signaled his squadron leader.
    • His wingman saw a ball of fire and realized that Newkirk had crashed.
    • The wingman culture of aerospace operations also has significant impact on the art of leadership.
    • Some wingmen may feel uncomfortable doing this, and some flight leads even might resent it, but the alternatives are much worse if you put them in perspective.
    • Because there is no other way to pass on the experience of 2,000-hour fighter pilots to the new wingmen except to fly them together.
    • I am not suggesting in this article that young wingmen should never fly with 2,000-hour instructor pilots.
    • I point the nose of my shattered plane towards Hendon, my new wingman close behind me.
    • SKE is a system that uses electronic signals to identify the lead plane and its wingman so that aircraft can fly in formation in adverse weather.
    • A visual inspection by his wingman told of the damage to the air intake and tail.
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