Translation of winsome in Spanish:


encantador, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwɪnsəm//ˈwɪns(ə)m/



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    • Their winsome smiles and charming looks lit up the place, setting hearts aflutter.
    • It's a lovely spot, clean, serene, winsome, flowery, and bathed in an almost suptropical warmth.
    • The blushing bride-to-be had come across as winsome but shy, and - because she seemed to have so little to say for herself - perhaps just a teeny bit dozy.
    • His winsome chit-chat further endeared these die-hards as he recounted one hilarious story after another.
    • His winsome hangers-on leant credence to his kingly claims.
    • Canary yellow and bubblegum pink are the winning shades of the season and knee-length strappy dresses and casual linen trouser suits are the winsome styles.
    • Perhaps the car's unusual looks, which were striking when it was first launched, are no longer as fresh and winsome as they once were.
    • ‘So says the English guru,’ Troy teased lightly, and he flashed a sudden winsome smile.
    • But the supporting players are a winsome bunch.
    • He calmly walked up to her a mischievous smile on his winsome face.
    • But, doubts remain… is he too winsome for his own good?
    • With his charming looks and winsome manners he soon won admiration from the men and women of Basarke and the villages nearby.
    • His smile was charming, and his eyes bright and winsome, and with his aura came an atmosphere of leisure accompanied by a tinge of duress.
    • He slid those dark eyes toward her, full of winsome appeal.
    • All of 11 years old, Nikosi comes across by turn as wise, winsome, overburdened, and sometimes desolate.
    • This last one in particular wasn't much heeded by the programme's winsome presenter.
    • As are the ruins of their monasteries and hermitages (apart from a crumbling monastery tower, and a winsome Welsh chapel).
    • She looked at the cop, quickly pulling on her most winsome innocent face.
    • They flickered giving just enough light to show Marlin's deep brown eyes in their best show; and Perry's smile at its most winsome.
    • Lengthy bonding scenes follow in which, inevitably, the hardened, world-weary, cynical bodyguard learns to love the winsome little blonde.