Translation of wipe in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /waɪp//wʌɪp/


  • 1

    give the table a wipe with a damp cloth pásale un trapo húmedo a la mesa
    • give your nose a wipe límpiate la nariz
  • 2

    toallita feminine
    baby wipe toallita húmeda feminine para bebé
    • The manufacturers believe toilet-goers find a damp wipe used in conjunction with normal dry paper leaves them feeling fresher and cleaner.
    • A Ziplock bag with a few baby wipes left in the car is great for wiping hands before drive-through meals, as well as being good emergency stain removers.
    • Now, a box of 384 premade wipes costs around $10.
    • We had to resort to using baby wipes to freshen up.
    • The scary bit - his doctor has suggested that he takes his own cup and cutlery in as well as cleaning materials and also to keep a large box of antiseptic wipes by his bed and insist that anyone coming to examine him cleans their hands.
    • Palmer has even called in sponsorship from an insect - repellent manufacturer, providing wipes to keep Glasgow's bloodsuckers at bay.
    • I keep a box of final wipes in my desk at work and grab one or two when ever I go to the bathroom.
    • She said staff used antiseptic wipes for some equipment.
    • The really fun part is the panic as the date gets closer and you start trying to second guess your packing decisions… do I take the extra baby wipes?
    • Experts say regular use of anti-bacterial wipes and specialist IT contractors can help restrict keyboard infection rates.
    • Although bleary-eyed, I manage to triumphantly wave a giant packet of wet wipes at them, explaining that I think they will find these very useful.
    • Clorox, maker of bleach and other household products, has designed Armor All Car Wash Wipes in packages containing a few wipes to be sold at the chain for a buck.
    • He added that popular cleaning products, such as wipes and anti-bacterial gels, were acceptable as second choices if soap and water were not available.
    • Neurotics, hand-washers, and obsessive counters - lend me your wet wipes!
    • I go back into the bathroom to wash my face and see that the daughter, who insisted on helping me clean the tub and the floor, threw some of the used baby wipes in the toilet.
    • Jackie Rose never planned to buy the toilet wipes.
    • That being said, consider where these wipes are meant to be used, and realise that they are formulated with harsh detergents that may irritate the delicate skin of your face, especially the fragile skin around your eyes.
    • I haven't had a single attack since I began using baby wipes instead of toilet paper.
    • We soldiers can only get so many packages filled with snacks, baby wipes, magazines, and other nonessential items.
    • Sales of soap products have gone up from £76m in 1981 to £173m 20 years later while sales of baby wipes have nearly tripled in the last 15 years.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (floor/table/window) limpiar
    (table/window/floor) pasarle un trapo a
    (dishes) secar
    she wiped the mirror clean limpió el espejo (con un trapo)
    • wipe your nose límpiate la nariz
    • wipe your feet on the mat límpiate los pies en el felpudo
  • 2

    she wiped the mud off her hands se limpió el barro de las manos
    • he wiped the tears from his eyes se secó las lágrimas
    • she had completely wiped the incident from her memory había borrado totalmente el incidente de su memoria
    • you can wipe that grin off your face! ¡más vale que no te rías!
    • this species has been wiped from / off the face of the earth esta especie ha desaparecido de la faz de la tierra / ha sido exterminada
  • 3

    (data/hard disk) borrar
  • 4

    (cloth/rag) pasar
    he wiped a handkerchief over his face se pasó un pañuelo por la cara

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (dry dishes)