Translation of wire in Spanish:


alambre, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈwaɪ(ə)r//wʌɪə/


  • 1

    • 1.1(metal strand)

      alambre masculine
      wire fence alambrado masculine Latin America
      • wire netting tejido metálico
      • Outside on the plaza lay piles of granite still to be put in place, pallets stacked up on the grass, and more rolls of copper wire yet to be slotted in to place.
      • Glass beads on Maasai necklaces are strung onto thin commercial wire.
      • The finished aluminum coil may weigh only half as much as the equivalent copper wire coil.
      • As you place the sheet moss against the wire frame, attach it with thin wire, stitching the moss onto the frame with a traditional basting stitch.
      • Others were woven with thin copper wire, creating a seductively shiny and semisolid surface.
      • Having very thin wire needles pushed into your skin and twiddled is a very bizarre experience.
      • He vaulted the thin wire fence and ran along the railway line.
      • Taylor suggested hanging fine wire nets or fishing line above the ground to confuse the geese but not hurt them.
      • The earliest chronographs used vacuum tubes for timing and a thin copper wire to start and stop.
      • Many acupuncturists will use needles so fine they are like very thin wire, and are usually completely painless when inserted.
      • For a temporary installation, use thin wire or a pretty ribbon to hang the frame from a nail tacked discreetly above the mirror.
      • Most grain elevators have thin wire cables to check the temperature of the grain inside.
      • The twist ties were made of thin metal wire with a paper covering, and they rusted through after a few weeks.
      • Gates invited local cattlemen to test their wildest longhorns against his new fencing material, crafted of nothing more than thin wire and metal barbs.
      • They claimed that vast quantities of gold and silver thread and wire for making lace were being regularly imported into Ireland.
      • Do not use thin wire, metal or plastic strapping, or other material that could seriously cut you if you fell against it hard enough.
      • Joining the disks are thin wire strands, painted yellow and orange, that zigzag across the front.
      • Wrap flexible but sturdy wire around one stake, up to the top of the post and staple it there.
      • But ancient cultures were the first to realize the creative potential of wire as artists turned thin gold threads into jewelry.
      • He had an unruly mess of light brown hair and dark chocolate brown eyes hidden behind thin golden wire glasses.

    • 1.2(fencing, mesh)

      alambrada feminine
      alambrado masculine Latin America
      • Research is also being carried out in England into the possible use of tasers, which fire darts connected to a wire that carries an electrical current powerful enough to incapacitate the target.
      • Accordingly the current remained in the wires throughout the circuit so long as the main switch was on.
      • But I was wrong in my assumption, as there was no signs of wires bringing current to the house.
      • As the magnetic storm raged through the night, huge geomagnetically induced currents surged through the wires and cables.
      • And, like fuses, they're basically lengths of wire designed to carry a certain number of amps.
      • Do wires degenerate when electric current is passed through them?
      • To demonstrate the first of these behaviors, hold a magnetic compass near a wire conducting a DC current.
      • Replacement of all old electric wires, poles and transformers to ensure a proper distribution of power to consumers had been ordered.
      • The barbs are at the end of electrical wires carrying 50,000 volts.
      • Think of the analogy of an electric wire carrying more electricity than its diameter can safely carry.
      • Because they are so long and carry so much current, the wires store huge amounts of power in the electric and magnetic fields that surround them.
      • The very small particles stream through wires and circuits creating currents of electricity.
      • Much as current flows through a wire, these impulses, known as action potentials, travel down the axon from its origin near the cell body to its terminal.
      • Objecting to unsightly overhead wires to provide electric current, most British systems did not adopt electric traction until after 1900.
      • He showed that a magnet could induce an electrical current in a wire.
      • In the simplest case, the wires carrying the electrical signals are used to form an electromagnet which attracts and releases a metal diaphragm.
      • Iron creates the magnetic field and copper wires carry away the current generated.
      • In 1802, Davy showed that artificial light was produced by passing electrical current through a platinum wire.
      • Abnormal cells are cut out using a heated wire with an electrical current running through it.
      • Also, a wire that has a current flowing through it, may heat-up and cause the temperature to rise sufficiently to ignite materials.

    • 1.3US (finishing line)

      the wire la línea de llegada
      • down to the wire hasta el último momento
      • to be caught at the wire
      • he was caught at the wire by Robertson Robertson lo rebasó en la línea de llegada
      • under the wire por los pelos

  • 2

    • 2.1Electricity Telecommunications

      cable masculine
      bare wires cables pelados
      • before noun wire strippers pinzas de corte
      • I frequently went down to the C&O Coloma depot, and spent time there listening in on the wire with agent Baker.
      • Today, of course, we are no longer tethered to telegraph or telephone wires for conversation.

    • 2.2informal (telegram)

      telegrama masculine

    • 2.3US informal (teletype machine)

      teletipo masculine
      hot off the wire de última hora

transitive verb

  • 1

    to be wired to sth estar conectado a algo
    • these homes are wired for cable TV estas viviendas tienen instalación de televisión por cable
    • the plug has been wrongly wired han conectado mal los cables del enchufe
  • 2informal

    wire me when you get there mándame un telegrama cuando llegues
    • they wired me the news, they wired the news to me me comunicaron la noticia por telegrama
    • they wired me some money me mandaron un giro telegráfico
  • 3informal

    (apartment/room) colocar micrófonos en
    (apartment/room) esconder micrófonos en
  • 4

    the parts are wired in place las piezas van sujetas con alambre
    • she had her jaws wired (together) le inmovilizaron las mandíbulas

intransitive verb

  • 1informal

    mandar un telegrama