Translation of wire wool in Spanish:

wire wool

lana de acero, n.



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    lana de acero feminine
    virulana feminine Argentina trademark
    fibra metálica feminine Mexico
    • Someone has attempted to erase the rather ugly scrawl in the middle with wire wool, or something scratchily similar.
    • He used the wire wool scouring scrubbing pad that I use to clean the cooker.
    • Always follow the provided instructions very carefully, leaving the chemical stripper for the stated time before removing with fine grade wire wool.
    • Scrub rusty grates with wire wool and give cast-iron surrounds a gloss with grate polish, available from hardware shops.
    • Alternatively, restorer's wax polish (there are several proprietary brands available) also applied with very fine wire wool and then polished with a rag gives an excellent finish.