Translation of wiry in Spanish:


enjuto y nervudo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwaɪ(ə)ri//ˈwʌɪəri/

adjectivewiriest, wirier

  • 1

    (person) enjuto y nervudo
    • Joe was slim and wiry, with blue eyes and rather pinched features.
    • He was a small, spare, wiry man, highly intelligent, with unusual gifts of persuasion and leadership.
    • I turned around to face him, doing everything I could not to gawk at his lean, wiry figure.
    • The deputy, who is a small, wiry man with long whiskers that stick out from his face in disarray, turns to look up at the hotel.
    • It parked, and a wiry, balding fellow of about forty got out and stood, hands on hips, observing the site he'd selected.
    • The wiry guard cast a suspicious look throughout the room.
    • He was wiry but compact, like a spring wound so tight it's ready to pop.
    • His father shakes my hand with an unusually strong grip for a short, wiry man in his seventies.
    • He is wiry, bearded, a life-long mountaineer, skier and runner and one of Scotland's leading endurance riders.
    • He was probably in his mid fifties, with wiry build and silver hair.
    • That frail, scrawny, wiry physique of his, observed in a football strip from 50 yards away in a press-box, only told half the story.
    • A thin wiry man was sitting at the counter, downing a bottle of beer.
    • The wiry woman released a heaving sigh and motioned towards the small stool.
    • Would I ever get to see his tall, wiry frame, blue eyes, dark hair, or friendly smile again?
    • A diminutive, wiry figure, he sits, smoking roll-ups and nursing a cup of black coffee, in the corner of his ground floor study in north London.
    • He was wiry, pleasant looking man with an air of learning about him.
    • One is a wiry, intense Chicagoan, the other a languid, slow-talking Southerner.
    • She was as wiry as a trimmed olive branch, and just as dark.
    • He stands up, revealing a pair of skimpy black briefs and the wiry body of somebody in their twenties: no fat, no sag, no wrinkles.
    • Half an hour later, a fit-looking wiry man with a pleasant smile has joined us.
  • 2

    (hair) áspero
    (hair) hirsuto
    • At sixty-seven, van Itallie is slight and wiry, with white hair and sharp blue eyes and a manner that is both brusque and warm.
    • Offering her an encouraging smile, he hurried over to a large man with white hair, and a wiry grey moustache.
    • Ma Dubois is in her late seventies: old and wrinkled with a blue frock, a Brillo pad of wiry grey hair and a pair of thick horn-rimmed glasses.
    • She was pale, late thirties or so, with dark wiry hair spiked straight up in a tall, scary crew cut, and tawny skin.
    • He was incredibly short, fat and stocky, with a tuft of balding, wiry hair sticking straight up as if he'd just clambered out of bed.
    • She shook her head so hard that a wiry black curl fell into her face, and she hurriedly pushed it behind her ear.
    • From this angle, they look similar - the hawk nose, the wiry straight hair, the deep-set gray eyes.
    • Suds from the soapy sponge he used to clean the floor clung to his sleeves and nestled in his wiry black hair.
    • It shows a woman with a tall, intelligent face, straggly wiry hair and very long fingers held up and covering one eye.
    • He had short, wiry brown hair, most of which was covered by the hat he wore.
    • His dark eyes sparkled with life and amusement from the mass of black wiry hair that covered his face.
    • He had dark brown wiry hair, stubble over his lower face and a deep scar under his left eye.
    • He had long, wiry black hair, and a bristly goatee-beard-mustache combination around his lower face.
    • She looked pretty similar to Amanda, except she had long wiry looking auburn-red hair tied into 2 bunches.
    • Her wiry gray hair curled from beneath the edges of a blue kerchief and a colorful fringed shawl draped over her shoulders.
    • Beneath the table his feet are doing their own private dance, while the wiry hair that crowns his angular, mercurial features is a buzz of static feedback.
    • Her brown eyes are intelligent and searching and her long wiry dark hair has been cut into a short pixie-style cut and dyed honey brown.
    • Ingrown hairs and razor bumps happen when hair is cut beneath surface level or is wiry or curly.
    • The man was a little shorter than him with wiry black hair that was graying at his temples.
    • She settled into her bedroll and ran a slender hand through the mass of wiry black hair atop her head, pulling it back into a ponytail.