Translation of wish in Spanish:


deseo, n.

Pronunciation /wɪʃ//wɪʃ/


  • 1

    deseo masculine
    to make a wish pedir un deseo
    • her fairy godmother granted her wish su hada madrina le concedió el deseo
    • her wish came true se le cumplió el deseo
    • he expressed a wish to be alone expresó su voluntad / deseo de estar solo
    • his last / dying wish su última voluntad
    • to go along with sb's wishes hacer la voluntad de algn
    • to go against sb's wishes ir en contra de la voluntad de algn
    • they got married against my wishes se casaron en contra de mi voluntad
    • your wish is my command tus deseos son órdenes
    • wish to + inf
    • I've no wish to upset you, but ... no quisiera disgustarte, pero ...
    • I've no great wish to see the play no tengo muchas ganas de ver la obra
    • if wishes were horses(, then beggars would ride) si con desear bastara ...
    • I guessed that my life was such a disaster that I didn't have the mind to have a dream, a wish of my own.
    • She told me she was comfortable talking to him, and he supported her wish to continue getting her education.
    • They knew his fears and best hopes, his wishes and his dying dreams.
    • Maybe because he had long since given up hope that such a wish was anything but a childish dream.
    • There is agreement in the wish to overcome the current situation as anomalous.
    • You however did, and as I'm twenty I no longer have to follow your every wish and whim.
    • We all shared a wish, a hope, and a dream to bring back justice, freedom and most of all fun.
    • The idea of the lake stretching across the whole world was only a desire, a wish shared by everyone in Belryno.
    • But it must be more than a hope or a wish, more than knowing that it is good for you.
    • We are a mixed bag of people, with different ideals, hopes, wishes and dreams.
    • We care enough about Jackie that we simultaneously hope that his wish to go to war will be granted, and that it never will.
    • Happy birthday and I hope your wish for a huge boost to global development comes true.
    • We expect and hope that Australia and Indonesia have the same wish.
    • And his only wish now is to continue telling stories till the last breath.
    • This can have the effect of leaving letters unread, the opposite of the desired wish of the writer.
    • We both expressed our wish to continue these talks and to find sensible solutions.
    • However his greatest wish was to continue his pastoral work in Ghana.
    • When you don't have a strong sense of self, you become a reflection of other people's hopes, wishes, expectations and opinions about you.
    • The men continue to work for themselves, which is a feature of gypsy life, as is their wish to continue to live in caravans.
    • Of course that occurs, but people sell their land because, as the treaty assumed, it may be their wish and desire to do so.
  • 2wishes pl

    she sends her best wishes manda muchos recuerdos / saludos
    • with our best wishes for a speedy recovery deseándole una pronta mejoría
    • give your mother my best wishes cariños a tu madre
    • with my sincere good wishes for the future con mis mejores deseos para el futuro
    • best wishes, Jack saludos / un abrazo de Jack

transitive verb

  • 1

    (desire fervently)
    to wish sth on sb desearle algo a algn
    • to wish ( that )
    • I wouldn't wish that on anybody no se lo deseo a nadie
    • I wouldn't wish it on / upon my worst enemy no se lo desearía ni a mi peor enemigo
    • I wish I hadn't come ¡ojalá no hubiera venido!
    • I wish I were rich/a bit taller ¡ojalá fuera rico/un poco más alto!
    • she wished she hadn't told him lamentó habérselo dicho
    • I wish you wouldn't say things like that me disgusta mucho que digas esas cosas
    • I wish he would go away ¿por qué no se irá?
    • I do wish you'd told me before! ¡me lo podrías haber dicho antes!
    • I wish you didn't have to go es una lástima que tengas que irte
    • John wishes you'd go and visit him John quisiera que fueras a verlo
  • 2formal

    desear formal
    they wish to be alone quieren estar solos
    • I wish to be informed as soon as possible deseo que se me informe tan pronto como sea posible
    • should you wish to do so ... si así lo deseara ...
    • to wish sb/sth to + inf desear que algn/algo + subj
    • he wishes us to leave desea que nos vayamos
  • 3

    (want for sb)
    we wish you every happiness te deseamos lo mejor
    • wish me luck! ¡deséame suerte!
    • he called to wish me (a) happy birthday/(a) merry Christmas me llamó para desearme feliz cumpleaños/feliz Navidad
    • I wish you well espero que te vaya bien
    • to wish sb good night darle las buenas noches a algn
    • I don't think he wishes you any harm / ill no creo que quiera que te pase nada malo

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (make magic wish)
    pedir un deseo
  • 2

    (want, desire)
    as you wish, sir como usted mande / diga, señor
    • if you wish como quieras
    • simply wishing won't make it go away con 'ojalá' no se arregla nada