Translation of witch-hunt in Spanish:


caza de brujas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwɪtʃ ˌhənt//ˈwtʃhʌnt/


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    caza de brujas feminine
    • Most coverage of his problems portrays the computer scientist as the victim of a political witch-hunt, and so misses the real story, which is about his links to terrorism.
    • The most famous question of the anti-communist witch-hunts in America was ‘Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?’
    • This was the basis on which the Cold War witch-hunt was launched inside the US.
    • Elderly paediatricians and pathologists fear that they are becoming the victims of a witch-hunt.
    • She was speaking about the recent anti-paedophilia campaign in this country and mob-ruled witch-hunts in Portsmouth over the weekend.
    • She has portrayed herself as a victim of a witch-hunt by power-mad officials who would use circumstantial evidence to ruin her reputation and career.
    • The item accepted Hayward entirely on his own terms as the victim of a merciless witch-hunt.
    • However, during the McCarthy-era anti-communist witch-hunts he was once again named as a risk to national security by an informer who described him as ‘an active and fanatical Stalinist’.
    • The U.S. Congress, led by Senator Joseph McCarthy and the House Committee on Un-American Activities, conducted witch-hunts in search of Communist sympathizers.
    • The problem is that what originally started out as a health campaign, has more or less turned into a witch-hunt in Norway.
    • The film is about a Hollywood screenwriter who is blacklisted as part of an anti-Communist witch-hunt.
    • Gogo said the investigations should not be viewed as a witch-hunt to remove councillors before the municipal elections.
    • After World War Two Claudia, along with thousands of other US radicals, fell foul of the anti-Communist witch-hunt.
    • He was among the earliest figures to publicly confront Senator Joseph McCarthy's witch-hunt.
    • I was looking at the FBI files and saw that my mother had written protesting the government's witch-hunt of the labor unions.
    • He claimed he was the victim of a witch-hunt by fellow officers who said he actively sought complaints against him.
    • In the early Cold War Era, amid anti-Communist witch-hunts and nuclear threats, most American humorists followed the safe path of presenting apolitical consensus-oriented material.
    • President Putin tried to redress the balance by warning against ethnic witch-hunts.
    • Her release has been carefully planned to avoid a tabloid witch-hunt and to reduce the possibility she may be threatened or attacked.
    • However, he had outspoken left-wing political sympathies and at the time of the anti-Communist witch-hunts in the 1940s and 1950s he was dogged by various investigating committees.
    • Kinsey's first major work on sexuality appeared during the first years of the Cold War, on the eve of the McCarthyite witch-hunts.