Translation of with in Spanish:


con, prep

Pronunciation: /wɪθ//wɪð//wɪð/


  • 1

    • 1.1(in the company of)

      she went with him/them/me/you fue con él/con ellos/conmigo/contigo
      • who did you go with? ¿con quién fuiste?
      • go with your sister ve con tu hermana
      • I'm staying with a friend estoy en casa de un amigo
      • I'll be with you in a moment enseguida estoy contigo (/ te atiendo etc. )
      • bring your tools with you tráete las herramientas
      • she had brought it with her lo había traído (consigo)
      • the bad weather is still with us seguimos con mal tiempo
      • the doubt remained with her until she died murió con la duda
      • gin with or without ice? ¿ginebra con o sin hielo?
      • are you with me? ¿me sigues (/ siguen etc. )?
      • It is accompanied with a golden vest and hair ornament hanging down to the shoulder.
      • Lunch would be stew or steak and kidney pud with potatoes and boiled green vegetables.
      • Stumped for a good red wine capable of accompanying duck served with a bitter cherry sauce?
      • She hooked up with a nice couple in England, and now they exchange occasional letters.
      • It allows me to have a bit of a flirt and a bit of a laugh with some very nice girls.
      • And when it got dark he came in and played hurling games in the bedroom with his brothers.
      • I need a nice early night with my boy and hopefully a tiny bit of a lie in!
      • Apparently, we are going to be able to put plastic in with our cans and bottles.
      • Place the polenta, flour and baking powder in a bowl with the salt and sugar.
      • It takes me right back to the bedroom I shared with my brothers back in the early seventies.
      • The same could not be said of my fillet steak with a Stilton and red wine sauce.
      • She grew up in a small house in Brixton, sharing a bedroom with three brothers.
      • She picked up her make up bag and left the wash room, heading to the bedroom she shared with her best friend.
      • The tamarind provides a novel change to lemon as an accompaniment with the prawn.
      • John is just a lovely man and the rest of the cast, I mean you couldn't ask to work with nicer people.
      • Contents insurance can be bought separately, with building cover or in a joint policy.
      • I went for a nice meal with my parents yesterday before having to catch the train home.
      • The truffle taste was strong and earthy and worked in nice harmony with the risotto.
      • She trained at the Royal Ballet School and performed briefly with the Royal Ballet.
      • He thought I was going to force him to sit in a corner and drink a bottle of wine with me.

    • 1.2(member, employee, client etc of)

      are you still with Davis Tools? ¿sigues en Davis Tools?
      • I've been banking with them for years hace años que tengo cuenta en ese banco
      • If he'd still been employed with us we would have suspended him immediately, but he was retired.

    • 1.3(in agreement, supporting)

      I'm with you on that en eso estoy contigo
      • we're with you all the way, captain cuente con nosotros, capitán

  • 2

    • 2.1(introducing phrases)

      with three miles to go he's still in the lead a tres millas de la meta, sigue en cabeza
      • with him in charge, things are bound to go wrong con él al mando, las cosas tienen que salir mal
      • you can't go out with no coat on no puedes salir sin abrigo

    • 2.2(despite)

      with all her experience, she still can't get a job aún con / a pesar de toda su experiencia, no puede conseguir trabajo

  • 3

    (where sb, sth is concerned)
    you can never tell with her con ella nunca se sabe
    • the trouble with Roy is that … lo que pasa con Roy es que …
    • it's an obsession with her es una obsesión que tiene
    • it's a custom with us to begin the New Year … es costumbre entre nosotros / nosotros acostumbramos empezar el año …
    • what's up with you/him today? ¿qué te/le pasa hoy?
  • 4

    • 4.1(in the same direction as)

      with the tide/flow con la marea/corriente
      • to plane the wood with the grain cepillar la madera en el sentido de las fibras
      • Our boat drifts with the gentle current for an hour or so before gently motoring over to San Toribo reef.

    • 4.2(in accordance with)

      interest rates vary with the amount invested los tipos de interés varían según la cantidad invertida

  • 5

    come on, out with it! ¡vamos, suéltalo!
    • away with him! ¡llévenselo!
    • down with the dictator! ¡abajo el dictador!
    • off with her head! ¡que le corten la cabeza!
    • hey, easy with the salt! ¡eh, ojo con la sal!
    • as soon as we get home it's into the bath with you! en cuanto lleguemos a casa ¡a la bañera contigo! / tú vas derechito a la bañera
  • 6

    • 6.1(indicating manner)

      with tears in his eyes con lágrimas en los ojos
      • the proposal was greeted with derision/enthusiasm/indifference la propuesta fue recibida con burlas/entusiasmo/indiferencia
      • it was done with no fuss se hizo sin aspavientos
      • It meant that down the years we would collide always with the same pleasure.
      • She came to his studio with attitude, but cradled his face in her hands to kiss him before she left.
      • Large checks, iridescent fabrics and decadent velvet are all worn with attitude.
      • Many of those who voted in favour did so with a reluctance somewhat aside from the military arguments.
      • I pulled the chain on the shade of my bedroom window with a certain mournful sense of ceremony.
      • It is a juggling act he accomplished with some aplomb during his first half-season in charge.
      • The link is the instruments for which they are written, performed with great skill and feeling.
      • Every person has a responsibility to behave with integrity, honesty and fairness.

    • 6.2(by means of, using)

      she ate it with her fingers lo comió con la mano
      • we can fix it with glue lo podemos arreglar con pegamento
      • Quarter the apples, then peel and cut away the core with a small paring knife.
      • They set to work on the oxhide with the knives and cut it into a single thin strip.
      • He attacked him with a bottle in the town centre after asking him for money.
      • It need not be so thick you could cut it with a knife, but it should be well on the way.
      • When I cut through it with my saw, the centre was rotten, so it's just as well it was coming out.
      • I grabbed the knife to try and stop him, but somebody behind me hit me on the head with a bottle.
      • The proposal would also make it an offence to hit a child with an instrument, such as a belt or a cane.
      • She had been struck three times across the back of the head with a blunt instrument, believed to be a hammer.
      • A motorist who stopped in a lay-by was hit over the head with a bottle and robbed.
      • She cuts the potato into chip shapes with a knife, puts them in a pan full of cold oil and turns on the gas.
      • He had a seat belt on and we cut it with a knife and tried to pull him out but we couldn't.
      • The lever couldn't be removed without undoing the nut so I decided to cut it with my hacksaw.
      • Swimming and fishing with home-made rods was still very popular when he was growing up.
      • Dissolve the glucose and water together, and with an electric whisk add this to the egg mix.
      • Anything with a crust, between two slices of bread or poured into a bowl and eaten with a spoon is allowed.
      • He believes the problem started when someone armed with a Stanley knife took to cutting tyres.
      • Cut off the top of the heads with a serrated knife and squeeze out the garlic pulp.
      • My throat felt rather like it had been scraped with a sharp metal instrument.
      • One of them steps forward and with his knife cuts the burden free and it falls to the bottom of the ravine.
      • All I achieved was to bang a hole in my bedroom wall with the heel of my foot.

    • 6.3(as a result of)

      I'm green with envy me muero de envidia
      • trembling with fright temblando de miedo
      • this wine improves with age este vino mejora con el tiempo
      • with time the pain grows less acute con el tiempo el dolor se hace menos intenso
      • with luck con suerte
      • She just stood there; the look of terror on her face increased and she began to tremble with the fear.

  • 7

    (in descriptions)
    the shirt is black with white stripes la camisa es negra a / con rayas blancas
    • a little house with a red roof una casita con un tejado rojo
    • the man with the beard/the walking stick/the red tie el hombre de barba/bastón/corbata roja
    • a tall woman with long hair una mujer alta con el pelo largo / de pelo largo
    • he is married, with three children está casado y tiene tres hijos
    • the one with the green hat la del sombrero verde


When the translation con is followed by the pronouns mí, ti, and sí, it combines with them to form conmigo, contigo, and consigo: come with me ven conmigo; take it with you llévalo contigo; he had his dog with him tenía el perro consigo.with often appears as the second element of certain verb structures in English (come up with, get away with, reckon with, etc). For translations, see the relevant verb entry (come, get, reckon, etc).