Translation of withdraw in Spanish:


retirar, v.

Pronunciation /wɪðˈdrɔ//wɪθˈdrɔ//wɪðˈdrɔː/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(recall, remove)

      (ambassador/troops/representative) retirar
      (arm/hand) retirar
      (arm/hand) apartar
      (note/coin) retirar de la circulación
      (product) retirar de la venta
      they withdrew their children from the school sacaron a sus niños del colegio
      • The Philippines withdrew its 51 troops to secure the release of lorry driver Angelo de la Cruz last month.
      • Graham Fenton, the man earlier brought in as a possible solution, started in the midfield until a hideous head clash saw him being withdrawn with six minutes of the first half remaining.
      • Don't get me wrong, this is wrong and I am not surprised that his mother is thinking of withdrawing him from school.
      • But the Brandsby trainer withdrew him from that contest after inspecting the Chepstow course and expressing concerns that all the frost had not come out of the ground.
      • Ankrah secured an ex-parte injunction preventing Elias and Associates from replacing her or withdrawing her from the pageant.
      • Torquay made a substitution at half-time and changed their formation as Neil Prince was withdrawn and Marcus Richardson was sent on to join Howard Forinton in attack.
      • Slowly, the woman withdrew her hands and face from him.
      • In the end, I gracefully withdrew myself from the situation, chalking it up to an idea before its time.
      • In June, they announced that forces would be withdrawn in 2006, but only to be transferred to Afghanistan.
      • They told him the bad news and withdrew him from the side.
      • The termites defend themselves against the intruder by attaching to the tool, at which point the chimp slowly withdraws the tool and eats the attached termites.
      • When he finally had him seated, and calm, Juan turned his back to Miguel and slowly withdrew the gun from under his coat.
      • She was withdrawn out of courtesy to her precarious state.
      • However, no troops have been withdrawn from the province, operations continue and the media remains under tight control.
      • Slowly, the assassin withdrew the long blade from his red holster.
      • Slowly, he withdrew five photograph frames and gazed into them while lying down on the couch on his back.
      • The needle is withdrawn, slowly, with slight pressure pulling back on the syringe.
      • Yesterday tens of thousands of anti-war protesters took to the streets across the UK to call for British troops to be withdrawn from Iraq.
      • He paused when he reached the right position and withdrew a small amount of clear fluid.
      • The main forces to be withdrawn from Europe are two heavy divisions based in Germany.
      • On June 15, Thailand announced that its contingent of 450 troops would be withdrawn from Iraq by September 20.
      • As a result the circus withdrew Annie for a day while an investigation was carried out.
      • Slowly, Matt withdrew both his hands, but he didn't stop kissing her.
      • The government has agreed to withdraw some of its forces following the handover of weapons.
      • Using her teeth, she peeled back one of the gloves she was wearing and triumphantly withdrew a slim book of matches, which she tossed to me, eyes impassive.
      • Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the forces would be withdrawn starting this winter and ending in March, though he did not disclose how many troops would be cut.
      • Are you worried that the U.S. military may have to withdraw some of those forces in order to deal with Iraq?
      • U.S. troops would be withdrawn into fortified compounds on the outskirts of the cities.
      • Kuja slowly withdrew her sword, a look of great dislike on her face.
      • The question is no longer if American forces will be withdrawn, but how soon - and at what cost.
      • ‘Slowly withdraw the key and place it on the ground,’ Sheldon directed.
      • Instead he withdrew the weapon slowly and thrust it into Malek's stomach.
      • My son is there and I would like to withdraw him, but I am a serviceman and it is the only time he has felt settled.
      • Cassie slowly withdrew her foot watching Darla writhe in the seat.
      • In fact the smog lifted about 10 years ago, after ageing fleets of cars and buses were withdrawn and industries were removed from the centre.
      • Last night Mr Assad told Time magazine that Syrian troops could be withdrawn within six months.
      • How quickly should Syria withdraw all of its forces from Lebanon?
      • If you belonged to the world the world would love you as its own; but because you do not belong to the world, because my choice withdrew you from the world, therefore the world hates you.
      • But Elliott surprised Yorkshire officials by announcing that his knee was still not 100 per cent and as a result he was withdrawn from the side.
      • Ana didn't reply right away; her hands froze in the drawer and slowly she withdrew them, still staring at Lily.
      • And yet yesterday they found themselves marching alongside those who demand that American and British troops should be immediately withdrawn from his borders.
      • There is no way I would have wanted to withdraw him from school where all his friends are, but I felt I was given no choice.
      • Unhappy at the standard of care that his two-year-old daughter was receiving from an Edinburgh nursery, he withdrew her on grounds of safety.
      • Other commentators have called for British troops to be withdrawn.
      • Williamson, fearful he would be sent off, withdrew him after an early booking left him playing on the brink of a red card.
      • And, eventually, for those reasons, Johnson withdrew him, because it became an ethical concern.
      • Wendell was still staring at me as he withdrew his sword, slowly putting it back in its sheath, where it belonged.
      • A Syrian-Lebanese military committee is due to meet next week to set a timeline for withdrawing the 8,000 remaining forces.
      • But he was withdrawn by teachers from his GCSEs and left on 20 July 2003 with a GNVQ in business studies.
      • Despite a good attendance record, he was withdrawn by teachers from all his GCSE exams.
      • Edinburgh seemed resigned to their fate, especially when Simon Taylor was withdrawn ten minutes from the end.
      • Racegoers thought the trainer might even be about to withdraw him.
      • I slowly played a few random notes but stopped abruptly and withdrew my hand.
      • The midfielder seemed to have trouble retaining his balance, and it was no surprise when he was withdrawn in the 36th minute.
      • British and American officials today tried to end speculation that large numbers of troops could be withdrawn from Iraq as soon as next year.
      • Despite a major offensive in 1972, US forces had been withdrawn by May.
      • The blade was withdrawn, and Dragonis slowly fell to the ground.
      • Jynx withdrew her arms and slowly, carefully, rolled onto her stomach.
      • Cuban troops were to be withdrawn and a reluctant Savimbi was forced to the negotiating table.
      • Slowly, I withdrew my hand and rolled over - to my side of the bed.

    • 1.2(from bank)

      to withdraw money from an account retirar / sacar dinero de una cuenta

  • 2

    • 2.1(cancel, discontinue)

      (funding/support/service) retirar
      (permission) cancelar
      they threatened to withdraw their labor amenazaron con ir a la huelga
      • I also say, as a proud trade unionist, that, unlike the Opposition, I do support the idea that if people are in the position of withdrawing their labour in a strike situation they should not get paid for it.
      • Suprofen, an arthritis drug, was withdrawn from the market when patients suffered kidney toxicity.
      • Lastly, Mr. Robinson points out the offer to settle was withdrawn by the defendants and, therefore is not relevant.
      • The Rhineland was to be occupied for 15 years, but troops were to be progressively withdrawn at five-year intervals provided Germany carried out the treaty terms.
      • Management had threatened to withdraw the offer if the workers had not accepted it by August 11.
      • The stock market correctly has withdrawn itself, has pulled back because of that slowdown to lower valuation points.
      • However the provision of facilities to recycle cans and paper products previously available have been withdrawn from the public.
      • They tell us bus fares are going up and buses are being withdrawn to provide a better service for passengers.
      • If the money is not found and the work planned for this year not completed, then the grant offer will be withdrawn, with no option to re-apply.
      • She has been transformed into a totally ‘normal’ 6 year old, and her parents are slowly withdrawing the fluoxetine.
      • A charge of possession with intent to supply was withdrawn.
      • Bareis was appalled by the painting and withdrew his $300 offer.
      • The latest offer withdrew an earlier demand by the company to immediately lay off 36 workers.
      • But shortly afterwards they wrote to him informing him that the job offer had been withdrawn.
      • The plans included a reduction in the number of bedrooms from a previous application which was withdrawn in August last year.
      • He also confirmed that a second charge of behaving in an aggressive and threatening manner had been withdrawn.
      • One service, which had previously been withdrawn because of problems, had been restored.
      • It was on the basis of that position that we withdrew our support for this bill.
      • Then on Tuesday, they were told the offers had been withdrawn.
      • Talks had broken off a week earlier when pilots left the bargaining table and the airline withdrew their most recent offer.

    • 2.2(rescind)

      (application/charges/motion) retirar
      (demand) renunciar a
      • You will withdraw that statement!
      • The Listener withdraws those remarks and apologises to the club and its members.
      • The Treasurer is right: the remark must be withdrawn if it is unparliamentary and offensive.
      • The paper also reported that a young female witness had withdrawn an earlier statement that she had seen a streak of light cross a road near the factory minutes before the explosion.
      • Brian had recently made, and subsequently withdrawn, a statement alleging intimidation at work.
      • Witnesses in criminal proceedings against these people are being intimidated, so they do not make any statements or withdraw those already made.
      • Counsellor McCarthy said he was not sure what remarks he had been asked to withdraw and that he was not prepared to withdraw any remarks he had made in any event.
      • Pat Daly said the remark had been withdrawn and there was now nothing for which to apologise.
      • We call on you to immediately withdraw your cruel and defamatory statements made against our client.
      • If he is not representing your position correctly he should withdraw his statement.
      • The remarks were later withdrawn when Irish inflation abated.

    • 2.3(retract)

      (statement/allegation) retirar
      (statement/allegation) retractarse de

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(retreat, move back)

      (troops) retirarse

    • 1.2formal (leave room)

      retirarse formal
      • Queen Mary and the Dauphin and Genevieve and the Maries came and said quiet prayers before withdrawing without disturbing her.
      • Carson chose to let Tonight stand as his career zenith and his finale, withdrawing into a quiet retirement that suited his private nature and refusing involvement in other show business projects.
      • Boys would approach girls, a pickup would ensue, and the couple would withdraw into another room, she says.
      • Living reclusively in a rented cottage in nearby Nunnington, they have both withdrawn from community life.
      • Upon receiving this recognition, he left the East Mountain community and withdrew into solitude.

    • 1.3

      (socially) recluirse
      (psychologically) retraerse
      he has withdrawn into himself se ha retraído
      • Fusco was traumatised for life by injustices and violence, became mute and, after a violent crisis, completely withdrew into himself.
      • Otherwise, they become overly reactive to the negative emotions of others and may resort to aggression or withdraw from social contact.
      • There are a number of elderly people in the community who totally withdraw from social contact exclusively due to their hearing.
      • Some of us have never withdrawn from the community.
      • To avoid the pain of possible rejection, they simply withdraw from human contact and retreat behind a wall of isolation that they erect to keep people away.
      • Stopping dating or withdrawing from social life is not an ideal choice, especially for people who subscribe to the importance of marriage and relationships.
      • I tried to sound as friendly as possible but for some reason she withdrew into herself.
      • Because of the rifts between the students, Mellisa, who felt that she hadn't many friends, withdrew into herself.
      • He withdrew into himself and spoke to no one about his feelings.
      • Some children with autism withdraw from physical contact with other people and do not make eye contact.
      • Royal Hobart Hospital director of medical services Dr Helen McArdle said the worker has withdrawn from patient contact.
      • I survived because I withdrew into myself, became self-sufficient, adept at loneliness.
      • He withdrew into himself and drank heavily, eventually joining AA.
      • Instead, like a snail dashed with salt, she withdraws from the community.
      • These groups are constructed as communities apart, withdrawn from the mainstream.
      • To avoid being hurt, we may withdraw from human contact or set up other barriers to communication.

  • 2

    • 2.1(pull out)

      (competitor/applicant/candidate) retirarse
      to withdraw in favor of sb cederle el puesto a algn

    • 2.2(during intercourse)

      dar marcha atrás informal

  • 3formal

    will you withdraw? ¿se retracta?