Translation of withhold in Spanish:


retener, v.

Pronunciation /wɪðˈhoʊld//wɪθˈhoʊld//wɪðˈhəʊld/

transitive verbwithheld

  • 1

    (funds/payment) retener
    (truth) ocultar
    (assistance/permission/consent) negar
    (information) no revelar
    (information) no dar a conocer
    • He withholds information (the secret of Karna's birth, for instance) from other characters.
    • She denied the government's request to withhold such information for another year.
    • Whether a doctor withholds material information or simply ignores a lack of consent, she betrays the patient's trust and thereby undermines his autonomy.
    • The advice to withhold the results until that day was reportedly issued in a circular sent out earlier this month, the story said.
    • For example, when Ariane withholds personal information from Olivier, he regards that as a much greater violation of trust than anything that she might elect to do in the course of her work.
    • Scorpio man is deliberately uncommunicative and withholds information, mainly because it upsets you and allows him to manipulate you.
    • Words cannot express how emphatically this film withholds the pleasures of film-going.
    • And while Annie inflicts humiliation and degradation and withholds pain relief and food Paul is forced to write a new chapter every day simply to stay alive.
    • He said he believed it was the school's legal right to withhold exam results.
    • Elliott Abrams later pleaded guilty to withholding information from Congress.
    • Martin said he had been inundated with complaints from angry parents after a number of school principals withheld their children's results because they failed to pay last year's school fees.
    • Starr refused to withhold the doctor's grim prognosis from Ellard.
    • Police also questioned the female guide who led the tourists to the show but she refused to give any information and even withheld her name during the interview.
    • He teases the astrophysicists with his advanced technology then withholds the information because he deems us unworthy, then backhandedly compliments our biodiversity.
    • As is customary in detective films, the film periodically withholds information, and indeed gives false clues in the form of misleading flashbacks.
    • It's gutsy for Shanley to withhold the emotional satisfaction of closure in a drama fueled by such a fraught subject.