Translation of within in Spanish:


dentro de, prep

Pronunciation /wəˈðɪn//wɪðˈɪn//wəˈθɪn/


  • 1

    • 1.1(inside)

      dentro de
      from within the house desde dentro de / desde el interior de la casa
      • within these four walls entre estas cuatro paredes
      • concealed within the lid of the box oculto en el interior de / dentro de la tapa de la caja
      • changes were taking place within the governing party se estaban produciendo cambios en el seno del partido gobernante

    • 1.2(inside limits of)

      within a radius of 20 miles en un radio de 20 millas
      • it is within our reach está a nuestro alcance
      • it's within the bounds of possibility that … entra dentro de lo posible que …
      • it should be within their capabilities to … deberían estar capacitados para …
      • you have to learn to live within your income tienes que aprender a vivir de acuerdo a tus ingresos
      • within the law dentro de la ley

  • 2

    (indicating nearness)
    we were now within 150m of the summit estábamos ya a 150m de la cumbre
    • we're within days of … estamos a pocos días de …
    • she came within half a second of breaking the record no batió el récord por medio segundo
    • the measurements are correct to within 1mm las medidas tienen un margen de error de 1mm
  • 3

    (in less than)
    within the time allotted dentro del tiempo establecido
    • within a month of his death, she was back in Mexico no había pasado todavía un mes de su muerte y ella ya estaba de vuelta en México
    • the paint dries within minutes of being applied la pintura se seca a los pocos minutos de ser aplicada


archaic, literary

  • 1

    from within desde dentro
    • [ S ]apply within infórmese aquí
    • Happiness comes from contentment within and no amount of money will change that.
    • Her skin glowed with an eerie light, as if she was lit with a dying fire from within.
    • My blood boiled and burned like acid fire within me but I forced my will to ignore it.