Translation of without in Spanish:


sin, prep

Pronunciation /wəˈðaʊt//wɪðˈaʊt//wəˈθaʊt/


  • 1

    a shirt without pockets/without any pockets una camisa sin bolsillos/sin ningún bolsillo
    • a cup without a handle una taza sin asa
    • he left without them/me/you se fue sin ellos/mí/ti
    • I wouldn't be without a car, not for anything no podría prescindir del coche por nada del mundo
    • without anyone to talk to/anything to do sin nadie con quien hablar/nada que hacer
    • do it without cheating/complaining hazlo sin hacer trampas/sin quejarte
    • he noticed it without my saying anything se dio cuenta sin que yo dijera nada
    • I've got enough problems without you losing your ticket ya tengo bastantes problemas para que tú encima pierdas la entrada
    • The next day, he said, she reappeared, said she could not live without the children and would he object if she took them.
    • I later recovered the holdall, without the money and saleable items, but with the club records intact.
    • Dozens more without tickets waited outside to soak up the atmosphere.
    • He has been able to get around his home with a stick but cannot manage outside without a wheel-chair.
    • My husband's big breakfast arrived without the eggs.
    • The child must now start its life in the outside world without parents at its shoulder.
    • The Prince came without the men, money and guns that he had been expressly told that he needed.
    • In that case there was smoke without fire, and in May he walked free from court.
    • Ideally, they should be allowed to work without any form of outside undue pressure.
    • Finally we'd like to make mention of the musicians without whom this show would not have been as good as it was.
    • Others never venture into the outside world without a chaperone.
    • If I hear a noise outside the villa, I do not go outside on my own without a torch
    • This allegation has been denied by the club but in the absence of smoke without fire, it must be considered a possibility.
    • They are too numerous to mention but without them the event would not have been a success.
    • True, it is hard for a monk not to touch money and to live without the comforts of this world.
    • Is this something I could live without and still remain alive and well?
    • American soldiers are now rarely seen outside their vehicles without helicopter and tank support.
    • I decided to brass it and head for the departure gate without a boarding card.
    • The workers were found huddled around a fire without the proper dress for the weather.
    • How many shows do you think Alex played in his life outside of Montreal without Carlos?
    • We know that without these bush fires plants won't germinate and the bush won't flourish.
    • This is not the only fire to be reported at a property without a fitted smoke detector in recent weeks.
    • They have to catch and prepare their own food, light a fire without matches and build a shelter.
    • The risk of death in a house fire is three times higher in homes without smoke alarms.
    • She was going to be late for work so she left without him and wasn't happy.
    • They live in rented accommodation without a car and are saving money, for a better life back home.
    • Last Thursday night they were engulfed by a raging fire without a sprinkler system to put it out.
    • Fire crews were due to revisit the area today to talk to neighbours and fit smoke alarms in properties without them.
    • She even promised to give him anything he wanted if he went without meat for a week.
    • I believe there is no smoke without fire.
    • This may seem like a simple proposition, but to a man it's like you have asked him to scale Mount Everest without oxygen.
  • 2archaic, literary

    fuera de


archaic, literary

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    who calls without? ¿quién va? archaic