Translation of wobble in Spanish:


temblar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈwɒb(ə)l//ˈwɑbəl/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (jelly) temblar
    his voice wobbles on the high notes le tiembla la voz en los agudos
    • She tried to sound firm when she spoke, but her voice wobbled pathetically in her own ears.
    • Standing up, she tugged down at the tiny skirt, wobbling uncertainly in her tall heels.
    • He wobbled for a second before steadying himself again.
    • Matthew wobbled dangerously for a moment as a result and almost pulled her down onto the ice.
    • She met his eyes, her voice wobbled and she was shaking.
    • A tall blonde in a skimpy outfit came sauntering over to him, unsteady and wobbling on her heels.
    • Stubbornly she thrust herself upwards into a standing position and wobbled there uncertainly as her body protested.
    • ‘You cannot harm us,’ said the priestess of Elle, though her hands shook and her voice wobbled as well.
    • In fact, the earthquake was so powerful that the Earth may have even wobbled on its axis.
    • My voice wobbles and sounds weak and whiny, I don't like it.
    • ‘Jackson was… Jackson was a long time ago,’ Mrs. Davis whispered, voice wobbling.
    • Her voice wobbled as it left her mouth - she was terrified.
    • He wavered and wobbled once back on his feet.
    • ‘Not much,’ she answered, her voice wobbling on the last syllable.
    • His hands were still wrapped around the bars, but he dropped to his knees, his voice wobbled as he struggled to control himself.
    • Each time I hit a bump, my voice would wobble with the impact - I liked to ride along the bumpy parts of the road and try to keep my voice as even as possible.
    • Rubenstein's voice wobbles and her dark eyes well up.
    • She then stood, up, wobbled dangerously and crashed back down into the sand.
    • I started to cry, my bottom lip wobbling all over the place.
    • Resolved to fetch another drink, she slowly got up, her legs wobbling only slightly.
    • Though his voice wobbled regularly, there was something in its fragility that suited his music, and the audience were only too ready to forgive him, given that there was a certain charm in his anxiety.
    • My legs wobbled slightly, just adjusting to the floor beneath my feet.
    • I didn't even wobble in my heels.
    • Her smile was nervous and her voice wobbled a little, but the information she gave made up for any weakness in presentation.
    • I wasn't sure, but I think I heard his voice wobble a bit.
    • It then started wobbling from side to side and he became frightened.
    • He also kept wobbling back and forth, like he couldn't stand still.
    • Her voice was wobbling a bit, from suppressed tears.
    • I wobbled this way and that before I recovered my center of balance again.
    • "Drink it, " she said, her voice wobbling a little but confident.
    • It was the day the world wobbled on its axis.
    • By slow, painful steps I clambered to my feet, wobbling uncertainly on the rough wooden floor.
    • ‘A little shaken,’ she admitted, wincing when her voice came out wobbling.
    • He pushed to the side, legs wobbling, and his hands found the door.
    • Listening to him, we all understand that radio was his destiny, but the very first time he went on air his voice did wobble.
    • So we're given the impression of Connor's leg shaking and his voice wobbling.
    • David raised his eyebrows, and his skull ring wobbled precariously.
    • She tried to sound reprimanding, but her voice cracked and wobbled.
  • 2

    (sway, waver)
    (cyclist) bambolearse
    (wheel) bailar
    (chair) tambalearse
    he wobbled down the steps bajó la escalera tambaleándose
    • She looked over to him as he wobbled his way across the roof.
    • But it's wobbling in the direction of the same package leisure industry which gave us the gym.
    • He staggered to his feet and wobbled to the back of the bar.
    • Mayberry's town drunk Otis Campbell weaved and wobbled his way into television history.
    • She wobbled back up the stairs and stood quietly in the doorway of her mother's room.
    • The little animal then staggered, wobbled and limped around for a few seconds before turning for the last time to his rescuers and wandering off back into nature.
    • Nate wobbled up the stairs and looked into Suzan's bedroom.
    • Relieved, we wobbled up the stairs to the restaurant.
    • I walked straight up towards Brandon, who wobbled down the hall in the opposite direction.

transitive verb

  • 1

    stop wobbling the table deja de mover / bambolear la mesa


  • 1

    this wheel has a bit of a wobble esta rueda baila un poco
    • he walks with a wobble se tambalea al caminar
    • her voice had an awful wobble on the high notes la voz le temblaba terriblemente en los agudos