Translation of wolf whistle in Spanish:

wolf whistle

silbido, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwʊlf wɪs(ə)l//ˈwʊlf ˌ(h)wɪsəl/


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    silbido masculine
    (de admiración) chiflido masculine
    he gave her a wolf whistle le chifló Latin America
    • Spanish men favour the noise ch-ch-ch-ch-ch over the wolf whistle for street harassment.
    • I offered to get them and as I got out of the car, Andy let out a wolf whistle.
    • But I think sometimes getting a wolf whistle can be fun, but sometimes it's sleazy.
    • I got halfway to my locker when I heard a wolf whistle from behind me.
    • A man dressed in black leapt from an alleyway in front of her, releasing a wolf whistle from his lips.
    • Legge plays him with such smiley, boyish charm that, at the final curtain, he earned a loud wolf whistle from the gentleman sitting next to me.
    • A handful of hapless punters are dragged up and the whole thing descends into a sort of free-form hoedown, complete with catcalls and wolf whistles.
    • As colleagues walk by, they wolf whistle or wink conspiratorially at him.
    • He couldn't do a proper wolf whistle with his fingers in his mouth, but it was still quite a loud whistle which carried above the rooftops and made Justin turn around.
    • When the astronomer Jocelyn Bell Burnell was in her final year as a physics student at Glasgow University in the early 1960s, she was greeted by a barrage of wolf whistles and foot stamping every time she walked into a lecture theatre.
    • I let the towel drop to the floor, and quickly walked over to the pool, ignoring Dom's excessive wolf whistle, I dived straight into the pool.
    • Comments from men such as ‘wouldn't mind a sneak peak under that skirt’ accompanied by a wolf whistle imply that men think that you're wearing a mini with the intention of turning them on.
    • The story is told of how a trooper once let out a wolf whistle and muttered something under his breath as Sarah walked by him.
    • In the two years since he inherited the birds from a friend, Gary has taught them to say all the basics, from ‘hello’ to a cheeky wolf whistle.
    • Trent let out a wolf whistle, giving Shane the once over.
    • Enthusiastic youths in the audience kept the atmosphere alive with catcalls, wolf whistles, loud cheers and boisterous shouts, besides the occasional hoot and the intermittent scream.
    • I suspect there will be a few raised eyebrows from the traditionalists and perhaps the odd wolf whistle from the Longhurst Stand.
    • Oh, and by the way, I got a wolf whistle in the street the other day.
    • Except for the occasional wolf whistle, Superchav passes unnoticed among them.
    • With shining eyes he let out a wolf whistle playfully, grinning, as Jake looked over his shoulder and smiled mischievously.

transitive verb

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    silbarle a
    chiflarle a Latin America

intransitive verb

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    chiflar Latin America