Translation of woman in Spanish:


mujer, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwʊmən//ˈwʊmən/


  • 1

    mujer feminine
    (as form of address) mujer
    there's a woman outside to see you hay una señora / mujer afuera que te quiere ver
    • an old woman una señora / mujer mayor / de edad
    • he's a bit of an old woman es como una vieja pesada
    • a young woman una joven
    • that's Roger's young woman esa es la novia de Roger
    • this perfume brings out the woman in you este perfume realza tu femineidad
    • he ran off with another woman se fue con otra
    • you're a lucky woman tienes suerte
    • she's a sick woman está muy enferma
    • women and children first las mujeres y los niños primero
    • a woman's work is never done el trabajo de la casa no se acaba nunca
    • the women's movement el movimiento de liberación de la mujer
    • the women's page la página femenina
    • we have a woman who comes in once a week tenemos una chica / muchacha / señora que viene una vez por semana
    • a woman's touch el toque femenino
    • the house lacked a woman's touch en la casa faltaba el toque femenino / la mano de una mujer
    • before noun a woman lawyer/dentist/engineer una abogada/dentista/ingeniera
    • woman priest mujer sacerdote
    • a woman friend of mine una amiga mía
    • The idea that women are real human beings with thoughts and emotions is played down.
    • The fact is that the seven men and women who died were shining examples of how great the human race can be.
    • It sets the stage for the adult lives of women, who no doubt grew up dreaming like Mallika.
    • The course is open to mature adults, particularly women, who wish to return to the workforce.
    • Several Jewish women who work for human rights are making their objections heard.
    • In the ad, five women sit in the stands and praise an adult male for showing up to watch his son's game.
    • Violence against women is a fundamental abuse of women's human rights and the scale of the problem is phenomenal.
    • For a fourth straight month, the number of jobs increased for both adult women and adult men.
    • The reality is that this debate is about the fundamental human rights of women.
    • It is probable that adult women gain much of their contemporary exposure to computer games at work.
    • From age twelve she is obligated to comply with all the demands placed on adult women.
    • Medical examination found that the amount of oestrogen in his body had reached that of adult women.
    • I was able to talk - this might sound silly to you - talk to adult men and women face to face.
    • This is one of the first rites of passage toward acceptance into the adult society of women.
    • The jury of seven women and five men were discharged after failing to reach a verdict after more than eight hours of deliberation.
    • Of the seven women lifters, five bagged three gold each, while two others had one each.
    • Approximately two in five men and one in seven women in Scotland now drink so heavily that it is hazardous to their health.
    • Some places are still available in the Oral Irish Class, for adult men and women.
    • Adult men and women are deemed to be equal in the administration of Australian justice.
    • It's not a conspiracy, it's called human nature, and women are not the only victims.