Translation of womanize in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈwʊməˌnaɪz//ˈwʊmənʌɪz/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    andar detrás de las mujeres
    andar detrás de las faldas informal
    • Not only is Jimmy adulterous, alcoholic, womanizing, and guilty of incest, he has astonishing contempt for his wife.
    • Over the years he has gambled, drunk, womanised and harassed his way into the headlines.
    • Sébastien's disapproval surrounds his father's womanising ways and the hurt he caused his mother.
    • Greene resigned due to the controversy in September 2002, admitted he had a problem with womanizing and promptly disappeared.
    • Some say that she killed herself because she could not take her husband's deeds like gambling and womanizing so she just shot herself one night.
    • Angry, he went back to Moscow and once again engaged in a life of revelry, drinking, gambling and womanizing.
    • The rush to remove Estrada is bound up with broader issues than the accusations of corruption or with the moral condemnations of his own self-confessed drinking, gambling and womanising.
    • For starters, it has an unlikable protagonist, a man who lies, steals, womanizes, drinks, daydreams and generally epitomizes uselessness.
    • She retired to bed for two decades, while the husband womanized.
    • Despite the arrangement, Joan and Philip seem passionately happy, until Joan discovers Philip's womanizing and is driven to ‘mad’ jealousy.
    • Once again this can be bought on by favourites such as women, finances, mother in laws, lost youth or sudden realisation of flaws such as gambling, alcoholism, womanising, and so on.
    • She makes it clear that her attraction to women was in part a reaction to the chauvinism she witnessed as a girl: her mother's courage diminished by her father's tantrums and jealousy, his drinking and womanizing.
    • ‘These so-called journalists have fabricated a story about Antonio gambling and womanising,’ reads one diary entry.
    • Dexter also addresses the rumors of his father's womanizing by saying, he was human with all the foibles and shortcomings of any mortal, yet he denies any real tomcatting around on his father's part.
    • Her husband Eric, once a hotshot director, now spends his days gambling, womanizing, and lying to Lisa.
    • Marcus' younger brother Barnaby was a bachelor hell bent on a lifetime of booze, gambling, and womanizing.
    • He gambles, he drinks too much and he womanises on a scale to rival Casanova!
    • Drinking, gambling and womanising sometimes landed him in trouble.
    • ‘I'd be a millionaire if I did not squander my money on gambling and womanizing when I was younger,’ he said.
    • Sitsili plays Zep, an abusive husband whose life is consumed with work, womanising and giving his wife grief.