Translation of wonderstruck in Spanish:


maravillado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwəndərˌstrək//ˈwʌndəstrʌk/


  • 1

    • To round off the evening, there was a magic show that kept the audience wonderstruck.
    • I was wonderstruck when I learnt that the place now known as Silicon Valley once had an opulence of orchards.
    • He is wonderstruck by the fact that the camera, a machine, responds quite differently the moment it is placed in different hands.
    • ‘A student of mine suggested him and even I was wonderstruck at his natural acting talent and total professionalism,’ says Sashikumar.
    • But more recently, as the last line of the climactic ‘Haye re woh din kyon na aye’ faded out at a morning show of the 1960s classic ‘Anuradha’, bad print and all, the sparse hall echoed to wonderstruck applause.
    • We see the world and the people around us with wonderstruck eyes.
    • She began to float a few inches from the floor, hair rising around her wonderstruck face.
    • Their monuments stand in testimony to their beliefs and even today one is wonderstruck at their foresight.
    • The men and women from media were left wonderstruck.
    • Kaju is wonderstruck by what she sees in this diverse country.
    • For many of the visitors, it was their first visit to a big hotel, they were wonderstruck and extremely happy to see how housekeeping was an integral part of a hotel.
    • And if you remember, the family left us wonderstruck a year ago when it had the India Gate in New Delhi disappear.
    • Every time the enthusiastic traveller is excited because it leaves one wonderstruck at the engineering marvel of the Kottavalasa-Kirandul line on the Waltair Division of the East Coast Railway.
    • ‘My first love,’ says the wonderstruck filmmaker.
    • Simon's frail, drifting voice is the emotional key to the music, undercutting the epic strokes of his guitar with a sort of wonderstruck humanness.
    • Lash didn't bother staring back at his opponent and spent the next silent minutes looking around him and beaming at everyone who was staring wonderstruck at him.
    • A world before which one has to relearn how to look, with the large wide-eyed gaze of a wonderstruck child.
    • Many are, in fact, wonderstruck, when they speak of their children's ability to keenly observe things.
    • I was wonderstruck that he had got two thousand pounds in 1928 by writing a symphony, his No 6, to commemorate the Schubert centenary.
    • The stage shook as it resounded with the rhythmic patterns at such speed that evoked gasps from the wonderstruck audience.