Translation of wooden in Spanish:


de madera, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwʊdn//ˈwʊd(ə)n/


  • 1

    (made of wood)
    de madera
    the Wooden Horse el caballo de Troya
    • The water kept rising and was reaching chest height, so she kicked down the wooden door, injuring her leg.
    • However the door had a wooden board which could be shaken loose from the veranda.
    • Around one corner was a thick wooden door with a barred window that begged inspection.
    • At the base of the door there is a wooden deck that goes all the way around the building.
    • To find it you follow a thin alley and stoop through an ancient wooden door, stepping into a dingy vestibule.
    • Upon arrival my attention was directed to a wooden door on the western side of the building.
    • Voices and footsteps were heard from outside the thick wooden doors that led to the dining room.
    • Darleys is the restaurant in the rather grand old wooden house next door to Lilianfels hotel.
    • The breakfast area has a vaulted wooden ceiling and double doors leading to the patio area.
    • They broke in by prising open a wooden door panel and took two porcelain figurines.
    • All manner of items were up for sale, including the good old fashioned wooden toys.
    • We still have six wooden doors there that we bought two years ago to replace the hollow-core doors in the house.
    • The Sawdust Club will have on display the wooden toys that they made over the last three months.
    • Out the patio door, the wooden deck was high off the ground and made of light oak wood.
    • Georgie came to a green wooden door, tapped lightly with his nails, quiet as a rat.
    • For example, it stops wooden toys with hidden sharp nails being imported from China.
    • The tranquillity was shattered as Dr Sentamu finally knocked on the West Door with a wooden staff.
    • He had a toy, wooden sword in one hand and a piece of oozing vanilla cake in the other.
    • Fire damage was confined to the door's wooden surround and floor boards.
    • I follow the fairy lights along corridor until I come to a wooden front door with no number on it.
  • 2

    (expression/manner) rígido
    (smile) inexpresivo
    a wooden performance una actuación acartonada
    • She is portraying an animated character, which means she can be as wooden as you like and it doesn't matter.