Translation of woodshed in Spanish:


leñera, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwʊdʃɛd//ˈwʊdˌʃɛd/


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    leñera feminine
    • Feeling inadequate, Marc offered to go the woodshed and restore the wood pile beside the fireplace.
    • They were disarmed and piled up in the woodshed like the evil that they were.
    • Completing the arrangement of domestic buildings is the woodshed, a building that was vital for the fires that both warmed the house and cooked the food.
    • The woodshed is the size of a single-car garage.
    • Three hours later the woodshed had acquired a doorcase in strict neoclassical style, with pilasters, triglyphs, and a cornice, and he was looking positively pleased with himself, as he rolled off up the hill to face the music.
    • Gussie went crazy and I had to put him into a little run that Jane and her brother had constructed in back of the woodshed.
    • Harry decided we were not worth further consideration, gathered up his prize and took himself off behind the woodshed.
    • This has given me ample opportunity to perfect my carpentry skills: Just as I finish building rabbit hutches, chicken coops and woodsheds, I have to start again at a new location.
    • Kennedy felt like he was on a trip to the woodshed.
    • A motley collection of bones and antlers is nailed to the woodshed.
    • Those are now hung to dry in the woodshed until it is time to bring them indoors, and use them, decked with huge scarlet bows, as Christmas decorations.
    • I raced outside and into the woodshed, where I cried till I was wrung dry and empty.
    • During the day my sister and I would play in the tall grasses, or watch grandpa building something in his woodshed.
    • The woman led Alex out a back door and to a woodshed.
    • Half an hour later Hitomi found herself inside a woodshed in a corner; her legs and hands were tied.
    • I fancy Sir Arthur Throckmorton would have seen the joke, when after four centuries a carpenter found his diary, all three volumes of it - in a woodshed.
    • She led him to the woodshed, where a candle burned just bright enough to catch the fine wisps of steam rising from the freshly warmed bathwater.
    • He always lived in strangers' unheated woodsheds and in return would herd their geese and cows.
    • I also suggest he leaves the axe in the woodshed when he next looks for a lobster.