Translation of woodsman in Spanish:


silvicultor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwʊdzmən//ˈwʊdzmən/

nounPlural woodsmen

  • 1

    silvicultor masculine
    • Well, I don't know much about him, except that he's a hunter, a woodsman, and a mercenary.
    • Yes, of course, but I see the belt knife as the hunter and woodsman's mainstay tool.
    • In younger days, I was an experienced hunter, trapper, and woodsman, although those titles have long ago lost their significance.
    • During one point in the movie, recognizing the Tennessee woodsman's talent as a marksman, two of his commanding officers try to persuade him to accept a promotion.
    • For hundreds of years, woodsmen in Britain practiced coppicing, a method of harvesting timber.
    • Delighting his European patrons, Audubon played the part of the American woodsman with relish, slicking his hair with bear grease, wearing rough wool pants and a buckskin jacket, and claiming to have hunted with Daniel Boone.
    • A freshly felled ash tree was a picture of the woodsman's craft - a neat sawn stump, a carpet of sawdust and an exactly graded log pile.
    • All were lifelong hunters and expert woodsmen.
    • He was a competent woodsman and would have had no problem traveling inland through the bush and back into mainland civilization anonymously.
    • The woodsman moved through the forest swiftly searching for twigs for the fire.
    • An accomplished woodsman, hunter, arborist, and gardener, he was also a highly skilled archer and sharpshooter.
    • I hear the voice of the woodsman making his way to Mount Kasatori, and the songs of the seedling planters in the little rice paddies at the foot of the hill.
    • The image of shaggy woodsmen breaking camp at season's end, headed out in the pre-dawn darkness with their photographs carefully tucked away in their packs, is rather touching.
    • Sketch maps were sometimes drawn in the large community meetings, but many surveyors reported greater success working with smaller groups of experienced woodsmen.
    • Distance over land was measured in miles, estimated by the experienced woodsmen.
    • ‘I consider myself as part of Musquodoboit Harbour in a lot of ways,’ says Bob, an avid woodsman and hunter.
    • The conflicting demands of autocampers, walkers, and woodsmen would play an important role in shaping the nation's federal land policy.
    • Alpine farmers checking their flocks, woodsmen, hunters, postmen and border guards used skis as pure tools for transport.
    • He had become a very skilled hunter, trapper, and woodsman, despite the fact that he was beginning to live in a more and more modern world.
    • Old-style woodsmen, these guys like to hunt on foot with longbows.