Translation of woodworm in Spanish:


carcoma, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwʊdwəːm//ˈwʊdˌwərm/

plural noun

  • 1

    carcoma feminine
    polilla de la madera feminine
    • Have you ever pulled a piece of furniture out from the wall, after several years, to find that the woodworm have been busy behind?
    • If you listen hard enough, you can hear the sound of a thousand woodworm croaking their last.
    • At that moment my heart was in my mouth, for I could see Lot 88 written on them and also the woodworm in crates that had never been opened since 1921.
    • Woodworms are still the one danger to the survival of letters on their journey out of the jungle; they have to be protected from them by being placed in a plastic bag.
    • The current gang of squatters are not happy we have moved in - namely the woodworm, hairy spiders, 20 years of cobwebs and dust and a family of fieldmice.
    • He once discovered from the woodworm living in the beam in the roof of his prison cell that they were moments away from chewing right through.
    • Acclaim for the film of Sir Hector's last expedition was gradually wheedling stray young men like sated woodworms, into the light of potential dangers.
    • Held in a prison cell, he called for the guards and got out seconds before the roof fell in - the story goes that the woodworms had ‘told’ him they were chewing through the beam.
    • A serious woodworm out-break in the sanctuary was discovered and all affected timbers have now been removed.
    • The floors and doors on the main floor are of solid mahogany, which is impervious to tropical woodworms and termites.
    • However fine lines can rapidly break down, and that implacable enemy of the woodcut, the woodworm, leaves its mark in the small white circles which often denote later impressions of an old cut.
    • However, the relatively soft woods of European furniture were no match for the humidity, tropical woodworms, and termites of Cuba.
  • 2

    the table's full of woodworm la mesa está toda carcomida / está llena de carcoma