Translation of woody in Spanish:


leñoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwʊdi//ˈwʊdi/

adjectivewoodier, woodiest

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    • Materials in liquids can be injected into trees' woody tissues, known as xylem, because the pressure within the xylem is below that of atmospheric pressure on the outside.
    • They burrow under the bark feeding on woody capillary tissue that the tree uses to transport nutrients.
    • Botanists have long noted the phenomenon of sap accumulation in tissue above a girdle or major wound in the woody stems of plants.
    • The plant has woody stems, whorls of lance-shaped leaves, and long dense spikes of tubular-shaped light blue, purple, pink, or white flowers from which bees make wonderful honey.
    • Spring flowers give way to those gum balls, woody balls covered with curved spines and containing one or two winged seeds.
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    (like wood)
    (texture) leñoso
    • Quarter the parsnips lengthwise and remove the central woody core.
    • The trees tower as their needles exhale their woody scent.
    • It's always done well in the past - lovely flavour and not woody, however big the roots get.
    • The new regulations stipulate that forestry operators, as much as possible, must leave standing dead trees and large woody debris on the harvested area in a manner similar to natural patterns.
    • The combined dependent variables were herb cover, woody seedling density, and ground level plant species richness.
    • If a dead tree is still standing, we leave it, as we do with woody debris on the forest floor.
    • Large, old parsnips can be woody; even young ones tend to have a tough core which may be better discarded.
    • Forest floor litter was ocularly estimated as the percent of leaf and woody litter covering the mineral soil in each ground flora plot on September 6, 2002.
    • Rarely, permineralized wood (which faithfully preserves the woody texture of the original wood) is found closely associated with the limb casts.
    • Always go for smaller roots, because they are more tender than larger ones, which can be woody.
    • Look for small to medium-size parsnips; the larger ones can have a woody core.
    • Scientists believe the beetles use this strength to plow through the woody debris that covers their tropical jungle habitat.
    • They burn woody debris on the forest floor and recycle those nutrients back into the soil.
    • The product consists of small-diameter trees and woody biomass combined with recycled plastic containers.
    • Check out the pincushion hakea with its pointy-tipped nuts like fairy bells; the teak pods that open up like wooden flowers, and the large woody pears with slightly furry grey skin that's very soft to the touch.
    • Discard leaves and woody outer layers; save the white inner core.
    • The petrifaction process occurs underground, when wood or woody materials suddenly become buried under sediment.
    • The settlement need not be uniform, and could manifest itself in localised areas where the largest amount of decaying woody matter is present.
    • Typically, silicification in red wood specimens is so complete that diagnostic woody textures are poorly preserved or missing.
    • One group of plants that stands out conspicuously are those lofty and lanky woody perennials, the trees and shrubs.
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    (countryside/hillside) boscoso
    • Despite a lack of significance in individual microhabitats, there was a trend toward overrepresentation of large seeds in most microhabitats with woody cover.
    • There were a few feet of grassy areas, and then the landscape dropped into a woody ravine.
    • I went to the woody area in the middle of the maze in the courtyard of our school that not many people know even exists and began to eat my lunch when I overheard Mercedes and another girl talking.
    • Consequently, the extant data imply that the small size of these fossils does not rule out a woody habit or low-light, closed forest habitats, as some have argued.
    • Milchester Abbey is a gray, quadrangular pile, deep-set in rich woody country, and twinkling with triple rows of quaint windows, every one of which seemed alight as we drove up just in time to dress for dinner.
    • Obviously the midge problem is worse early in the autumn and late in the spring, especially in woody areas or away from the coast where there's generally a breeze.
    • The site could be in a woody crevice or tree hollow or tucked into a tangle of vines.
    • Some birds, including game species such as pheasant and prairie grouse and non-game species such as songbirds, prefer open grassland to woody cover.
    • Found in woody areas across North America, the plant also grows in Central America and parts of Asia, and has been introduced to Europe, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.
    • We're in a woody area but only a walk away from the beach.
    • I got out and followed him down a small path through some woody area.
    • A huge, raw L has been carved into the woody terrain to make room for these lengthy metal arms.
    • Bulbs can do well in many areas where herbs and grass can't, such as woody areas.
    • This woody, hilly temperate land with occasionally steep, sometimes even terraced vineyards of limestone and clay is ideal for the production of relatively delicate, fruity white wines.
    • Graham wants to grow vegetables as well as flowers and I want to plant a couple of trees to make a woody arbour for my old age.
    • Wiens noted their aversion to woody edges and cultivated fields, and Bock found them more abundant on interior plots than on edge plots.
    • I walked up Buena Vista Park - a beautiful woody hill seething with huge dogs.
    • Now I have a temporary desk space in the upstairs back room we're using as a library, very cosy and snug, and a view over the belt of woody scrubland at the back of the estate.