Translation of wool in Spanish:


lana, n.

Pronunciation /wʊl//wʊl/


  • 1

    lana feminine
    a ball of wool un ovillo de lana
    • pure new wool pura lana virgen
    • glass wool lana de vidrio
    • before noun wool trade comercio de la lana
    • an all-wool carpet una alfombra de pura lana
    • Nomads of the desert and the high plateau live in tents woven from goat's hair, wool, and grass.
    • She was wearing a cloak made out of a Lena's fur, which was much like a sheep's wool, only finer and much softer.
    • Local wool and goat hair is hand woven into various textiles.
    • A cape made of goat or sheep wool, called a bourka, is worn around the shoulders.
    • When it snowed on the peaks we used to shear the wool from the sheep and goats.
    • People breed sheep with the intention of shearing their wool, making clothing out of their skin, and eating their flesh.
    • Tents and rugs are made from sheep's wool or goats' hair.
    • The initial lining is made of fine grasses and bark, and then a second lining of feathers, wool, or other animal hair is added.
    • The wool is sheared in early spring and sold to Tierra Wools.
    • At first it had seemed such a good idea, to sit at the spinning wheel and spin the soft cream wool of her Jacob's sheep into fine woollen thread.
    • They believed thick hair was best and used hair extensions and wigs made of real hair or sheep's wool to achieve this ‘look.’
    • In the case of meat sheep versus wool sheep, wool is usually around $10 a kilo, and meat $2 a kilo.
    • Nesting material is usually moss, wool, hair and feathers.
    • Sally has been organically farming the fine wool from Wensleydale sheep in Stoodleigh, Devon, for 11 years and now has the largest flock in the world.
    • The entire body and limbs were covered with a thick fine hair or wool curling tightly to the skin.
    • Farming provided food, and their sheep provided wool for cloth.
    • It was a weaving village, raising sheep for wool, making strong cloth, dying it, and sometimes making clothing items out of it.
    • Until recently, sheep shearing and wool processing was the major industry.
    • In addition to building fertility, the sheep provide wool for Kimberton Hills' textile workshop.
    • He pulled out his trusted wooden sword and cut a swath of wool from the sheep, exposing the flesh of the animal.