Translation of word processing in Spanish:

word processing

tratamiento de textos, n.


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    tratamiento de textos masculine
    procesamiento de textos masculine
    procesamiento de palabras masculine
    • They will edit and produce their books more or less as they are used to, using word processing and desktop publishing tools.
    • An online resume is one you create using word processing software and e-mail or post on the Internet.
    • Even the cheapest of laptops has more than enough power to drive word processing, spreadsheet and internet programs and to run video and multimedia as well.
    • As with email programs, word processing programs are not all created equal as well.
    • I mostly use my computer for word processing and e-mail to my friends.
    • She does four things on her computer - email, Web, word processing, and solitaire - so Linux would be perfect for her.
    • It will incorporate word processing, Internet and E-mail.
    • Not having a PC at home, some weekends I need to hire one for access to the Internet, to use word processing or spreadsheet programs.
    • Moreover, other staff members were beginning to use the computer for tasks such as word processing and spreadsheets.
    • The classes teach the basics of computing, word processing, spreadsheets, Internet browsing and Web cameras.
    • There's word processing, spreadsheets, calendars, personal directories, even a photo gallery.
    • On the ground floor, some surf the Web, check their e-mail, burn CDs or simply use the computers for word processing.
    • These are heady days for people like us, some of whom learned HTML as a sort of extension to our word processing software.
    • It offers key competencies in word processing, data processing, presentation, the Web and email.
    • Typewriting institutes are becoming an oddity, as manual typewriters are swept away by word processing software and computer keyboards.
    • The three machines stolen in yesterday's theft were used by pupils for word processing, databases and spreadsheets as well as Internet access for research.
    • Teachers are using the computer for word processing and simple math calculations.
    • You can use the program with email, word processing, web browser, and even with your web page editor.
    • If you want a PC for word processing, spreadsheets and internet use, a fast computer is not essential.
    • Most people do word processing, check email and surf the web.