Translation of work in Spanish:


trabajo, n.

Pronunciation /wəːk//wərk/


  • 1

    (labor, tasks)
    trabajo masculine
    it was a lot of work dio mucho trabajo
    • I've got work to do tengo trabajo / cosas que hacer
    • you're making more work for yourself te estás creando más trabajo
    • repair work reparaciones
    • the building work is still going on todavía están en obras
    • she was advised not to do any heavy work le aconsejaron que no hiciera trabajos pesados
    • the work of the Red Cross el trabajo / la labor de la Cruz Roja
    • work has already started on the film ya han empezado a filmar / rodar
    • they've finished work on the building/road ya han terminado las obras en el edificio/la carretera
    • she's got a lot of work to do to catch up va a tener que trabajar mucho para ponerse al día
    • work in process / (British) progress trabajos en curso
    • the house needs a lot of work done / (British) doing to it la casa necesita muchos arreglos
    • let your legs do the work (deja) que las piernas hagan el esfuerzo
    • she put a lot of work into it puso mucho esfuerzo / empeño en ello
    • a lot of work goes into making a rug like this una alfombra así lleva mucho trabajo
    • keep up the good work! ¡sigue (or sigan etc.) así!
    • it's hard work digging cavar es muy duro
    • hard work never harmed / hurt anybody trabajar duro no le hace daño a nadie
    • I don't want to have to talk to them: it's too much like hard work no quiero tener que hablar con ellos: es demasiado esfuerzo
    • he's such hard work da muchísimo trabajo
    • pleasing her is hard work es difícil de agradar
    • that was quick work! ¡qué rapidez!
    • I've done a good day's work he aprovechado bien el día
    • Remedial work has now been undertaken and a small population continues to survive there.
    • The work undertaken in support of the Decade for Human Rights Education is one example of this.
    • It's just a tribute to all of the hard work and effort that's gone into the program by our teams and drivers.
    • Their work uses industrial materials such as steel plates, cables, magnets and oil.
    • Some of his early years were spent over in England where he undertook a variety of work.
    • Twelve men have been flown in to make sure refitting work is finished on time.
    • Even then there was congestion on the bridge as a result of resurfacing work.
    • He has done a small number of private commissions but has undertaken no major painting work.
    • There were no signs of any work having recently been undertaken or completed.
    • I recognise that you may not have undertaken any work for the police early in 2001.
    • The show was a mixture of theatrics, gymnastics, acting and physical hard work.
    • But picking the olives is hard physical work, and the rewards are far from certain.
    • Undertaking this work may disturb the sediment and release the contaminants in the water.
    • This is the result of a lot of research, a lot of work, a lot of effort over a very long time.
    • Brilliant breakthroughs can emerge as a result of hard work and disciplined effort.
    • Also, is it reasonable to stipulate that no work be undertaken over the weekend?
    • The successful bid would include a specification of the work and materials and prices.
    • The team is now finally seeing the results of their hard work done during the test sessions and in the first few races.
    • He will not therefore be undertaking any work within the cathedral until this matter is concluded.
    • Growing crops was a very hit and miss affair and a successful crop was due to a lot of hard work but also the result of some luck.
    • He knows that time, hard work, dedication and effort are the only way a team can be built.
    • He has put a lot of effort into his pre-season work and not only with his bikes.
    • Work was originally due to take place in November but a delay in the arrival of materials meant the work had to be put back a month.
    • That means half a kilo per day will keep a man doing heavy physical work.
    • The pain may result in inability to do routine work or household activities.
    • This is the result of much hard work throughout the council to drive up standards.
    • He undertook this work for seven years and showed reals talents in his job.
    • We owe it to our customers and to our funders to show them the results of our work.
    • Too many of us are still attached to the outdated belief that success comes from a result of hard work.
    • The students must come first: they are the ones who actively do the work and achieve the results.
    • Be it as a player or a coach or otherwise success only comes as a result of hard work and effort.
    • By your hard work and your effort, you are actively advancing the growth of our nation.
    • The plan was in the process of being implemented and an enormous amount of work had been undertaken.
    • Our trip was very successful as we undertook a lot of work for the orphanage in the week we were there.
    • A programme of repair and maintenance work was undertaken on parts of Hadrian's Wall.
    • Starting the business was hard work but Angela's efforts are finally paying off.
    • An area action plan will be produced which details when and how that work will be undertaken.
    • It will be strictly not for profit and much of the renovation work will be undertaken by volunteers.
    • It is they who decide what work is undertaken and who gets employed and paid and so on.
    • Much work and effort has been put into the event by the organisers and events committee.
  • 2

    trabajo masculine
    place of work lugar de trabajo masculine
    • he does factory/PR work trabaja en una fábrica/en relaciones públicas
    • she does a lot of work for the government trabaja mucho para el gobierno
    • to look for/find work buscar/encontrar trabajo
    • to go to work ir a trabajar / al trabajo
    • they both go out to work los dos trabajan (afuera)
    • I start/finish work at seven entro a trabajar / al trabajo/salgo del trabajo a las siete
    • I walk/drive to work voy al trabajo a pie/en coche
    • We have secured revenue streams through consultancy work and product income.
    • It is known to be the case that it is more difficult to find alternative employment whilst out of work than whilst in work.
    • This trip is to provide relief and training to a new recruit into my line of work.
    • Anything that has to do with my line of work, I'm the one everyone in my company calls.
    • The firm set up a mini job centre on site to help employees find new work.
    • With remarkable royal originality, the Prince first inquired as to Ron's line of work.
    • With their matching broken noses, the three left the pub in pursuit of a less hazardous line of work.
    • John was a well known and accomplished tailor and was gifted in that line of work.
    • Clarks said it would provide support to employees seeking alternative work.
    • In my situation, one of the reasons why I have remained here, is because of my line of work.
    • It's for six months which is really good for an actress to get so much work and a steady income.
    • He said it was essential that a programme was put in place to help Parker Knoll employees find new work or retrain.
    • Many feel on edge and one woman claimed to have given up work as a result of the stress.
    • Isn't she afraid of the competition that is suddenly surfacing in her line of work?
    • The younger Byer tried a different line of work early in his career, but it was not meant to be.
    • After I met with him, it was clear that his personality didn't entirely mesh with his line of work.
    • Tade could turn his hand to any type of work and earned his living from his own expertise.
    • This will affect them in later life and may hamper their efforts to find work, she said.
    • He does not say anything about his prospect of finding work or the efforts he is making.
    • Sometimes he thinks about this but he can always justify his line of work.
  • 3

    • 3.1(product, single item)

      obra feminine
      a reference work una obra de consulta
      • a work of art una obra de arte
      • complete works obras completas
      • On display now at schools throughout Pattaya are works produced by children based on the theme of children's rights.
      • The wee man was a big artist, producing some huge works including a triptych around two metres high.
      • While the art embraces stories and traditions going back centuries, most of the works were produced in the last decade.
      • Imported textiles are often used as a base, and artistic batik works are produced for the tourist market.
      • Two of the works produced by the artist in residence will be given to the Central Akademi.
      • The hands of the artist or artisan are supposed to produce unique, original works.
      • Hiding behind humour, he was intensely aware of his inability to produce works of political significance.
      • It's a work of exactitude in literature not rivalled outside Tristram Shandy.
      • They can be read from right to left as a book, and often accompany works of literature.
      • An earlier pair of works convey the operatic extremes of Brooks's passion for Rubinstein.
      • The Erotokritos, one of the epic works of Greek literature is told and re-told in much of Cretan music.
      • When The Beatles broke up, the individual members produced works like Imagine, All Things Must Pass and Mind Games.
      • Both move me almost to tears in places and are mature works from artists at the peak of their creative powers.
      • It makes no sense to assume that a university should be assessing the market value of works produced by their fine arts students.
      • He also noted that many fine artists could produce magnificent works of equine art on commission.
      • Has it led people to deal with it more as a literary work and less as a media event?
      • On the other hand, materials for producing these works might need to be transported from home.
      • Her Magnum Opus Project is commissioning nine new orchestral works and six new compositions.
      • Recently she has focused on her travels to India and Italy to produce works which evoke the spirit of those places with an overwhelming intensity.
      • Now he is penning plays, musicals and literary works, and his new audience requires a different kind of chap altogether.

    • 3.2(output)

      trabajo masculine
      his work is not up to standard su trabajo no es del nivel requerido
      • a piece of work un trabajo
      • an exhibition of recent work by Sam Pym una exposición de obras recientes de Sam Pym
      • to be the work of sb ser obra de algn
      • it was the work of a professional era obra de un profesional
      • The blossoming romance made me ill, a lot of the blue screen work left me unimpressed.
      • For creative work, cats are excellent to contemplate when they are in repose.
      • Since then her career has developed in opera, concert work, recording and broadcasting.
      • It seems in some ways more of a challenge for him than getting his work hung in the National Galleries.
      • It's kind of a financial and moral thing about owning your own creative work.
      • We did a lot of set-piece work, but later on we did come across Panzer and Tiger tanks.
      • Perhaps that explains why there have been few truly satisfying screen adaptations of his work.
      • Fred is a retired vet who still does locum veterinary work and also plays 18 holes of golf twice a week.
      • Of course he endured it all, but he didn't want it to disturb his creative work.
      • Principals may take the limelight in a musical but chorus work is the lifeblood of it.
      • Looking back, it is clear that it is this interest in real people which saves Boorman's movie work.
      • I have finally got round to putting some of my work down on screen for everyone to read.
      • Thanks so much for your work, both on screen and in books, graphic and otherwise.
      • But of course that is the same reason why his work hangs in museums round the world.
      • So with the movie work, the baby and the wife, does Phillippe have a hard time taking stock of it all?
      • The audience to one of his films shown at the Berlin Film Festival jeered his work as it was being screened.
      • The only living artist to have his work hung in the Natyet resonates with images of his Dublin Bay home.
      • Still, she is hanging my work and will be sainted for it, in a weak moment I might have given her one.
      • Much of Morrison's work is autobiographical but he says this is his most personal project yet.
      • Young filmmakers hoping to make it in the movies are showcasing their work next week.

  • 4

    trabajo masculine
    see also works

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (to earn a living)
    (people) trabajar
    both his parents work tanto la madre como el padre trabajan (afuera)
    • I work in a bank/as a receptionist/in insurance trabajo en un banco/de recepcionista/en seguros
    • he works nights trabaja de noche
    • to get working ponerse a trabajar
    • to work hard trabajar mucho / duro
    • he works hard at school es un alumno muy aplicado
    • we work a 40-hour week nuestra semana laboral es de 40 horas
    • to work at sth
    • she's working hard at her French está dándole duro al francés
    • you have to work at your service tiene que practicar el servicio
    • a relationship is something you have to work at una relación de pareja requiere cierto esfuerzo
    • she was working away at her accounts estaba ocupada con su contabilidad
    • to work for sb trabajar para algn
    • to work for oneself trabajar por cuenta propia
    • make your money work for you ponga su dinero a trabajar
    • to work for sth
    • all her life she worked for a more equal society toda su vida luchó por una sociedad más justa
    • fame didn't just come to me: I had to work for it la fama no me llegó del cielo, tuve que trabajar para conseguirla
    • he's working for his finals está estudiando / está preparándose para los exámenes finales
    • to work from sth
    • working from old drawings they restored the window restauraron la ventana partiendo de antiguos dibujos
    • to work from nature copiar de la naturaleza
    • to work in sth
    • to work in marble trabajar el mármol / con mármol
    • to work in oils pintar al óleo
    • to work on sth
    • he's working on his car está arreglando el coche
    • the police are working on the case la policía está investigando el caso
    • I'm working on the 18ᵗʰ century estoy estudiando el siglo XVIII
    • I'm working on a biography of Napoleon estoy preparando / escribiendo una biografía de Napoleón
    • scientists are working on a cure los científicos están intentando encontrar una cura
    • she hasn't been fired yet, but she's working on it todavía no la han echado, pero parece empeñada en que lo hagan
    • we're working on the assumption that … partimos del supuesto de que …
    • the police had very little to work on la policía tenía muy pocas pistas
    • the poison works on the nervous system el veneno actúa sobre / ataca el sistema nervioso
    • to work toward sth
    • we are working toward a peaceful solution estamos intentando hallar una solución pacífica
    • to work toward a better future luchar por un futuro mejor
    • to work under sb trabajar bajo la dirección de algn
    • In Blagoevgrad, Smith worked as a small business development volunteer.
    • For years Paul had worked in the hospitality business working mainly in bars that had loud music.
    • Before becoming an MSP, Martin worked as a researcher and was employed to take minutes of the party's cabinet meetings.
    • He had previously worked as a business and town planner for Boots in Nottingham, where he still lives.
    • Geoff also worked as the occupational medical officer at the then Phillips television factory in Dunfermline.
    • I've never ever worked in an office before, I've only ever worked as a waitress.
    • Many worked as farmers in fields owned by the lords and their lives were controlled by the farming year.
    • Tralee native June Hewitt has worked as a professional artist from her home studio for a number of years.
    • Mr Woodall now plans to work as a heavy goods vehicle driver, and has abandoned the idea of ever working on a ship again.
    • He worked as a ranger employed by the council at the Flitch Way Country Park, which runs from Bishop's Stortford to Braintree.
    • Before that, he had worked as a volunteer in youth clubs, while employed as a printing and advertising manager.
    • Ann worked as a field sales co-ordinator, organising a sales force operating throughout the country.
    • Frank worked in the Paper Mills and Waterford Crystal for a number of years and for the last few years he worked as a taxi driver.
    • He worked for much of the time as an engineer, working on the fortifications of various cities.
    • She worked as a secretary and had no occupational exposure to toxic fumes.
    • He took courses in the field, then worked as a nightclub bouncer and a bodyguard.
    • I worked as a cardex clerk for one company and was employed at a car hire company.
    • She also worked as a careers consultant at Shenfield High for 16 years.
    • He has worked as a professional actor and singer in the West End but increasingly he is drawn to directing.
    • He worked as a bookkeeper at various other businesses in Steinbach until his retirement at age 70.
  • 2

    • 2.1(to operate, to function)

      (machine/relationship/system) funcionar
      (person/drug) actuar
      it works off batteries funciona con pilas
      • democracy won't work here aquí no va a funcionar la democracia
      • to work against/in favor of sb/sth obrar en contra/a favor de algn/algo
      • When CIS was updating its website, it organised dummy runs to ensure that its systems were working properly.
      • Walhi's lawyers, however, said the early warning system had not worked properly.
      • Dad worked these trains regularly and for many years they were his regular assignment.
      • It's an example of litigation which needn't have happened had the system worked properly.
      • I'm told the in-car Global Satellite Positioning system is not working properly.
      • Make sure that whomever you buy from is willing to work with you until the system is working properly.
      • We call them mistakes because the machine isn't working the way we think it should.
      • I think that saying this system works if properly executed is to miss the point.
      • As the machine worked, Raven straightened, allowing herself a moment to rub the ache in her side.
      • She sees an Asian woman having difficulty working the machine and helps her to understand it.
      • His first machine did not work so he took it to England and with help got it working.
      • He looked back at the counter where a blonde haired girl was busy working the machines.
      • Before the advent of the computer I worked a manual Comptometer machine, the keys of which had to be pounded.
      • Women snigger at men for being unable to work a washing machine, men snigger at women for being bad drivers.
      • We react with surprise and shock when things go wrong with our own molecular machinery, but it is far more astonishing that the machinery works at all.
      • So many of our institutions and systems are not working properly, including the judiciary.
      • I want to make sure the court system is working properly and is going to do correct justice.
      • The best thing was that the AccuVote machine worked the way it was supposed to work.
      • But even at the highest levels there is a tacit acknowledgment that the system is not working properly.
      • The travel back was one filled with only the sound of the heater blowing and the engine working.
      • Although it is of the same size as an old sewing machine, it still works fine.
      • She was told the machines were not working and that she must come back on another day.
      • He talked to her as the machines worked, repairing the damage that his blast had wreaked.
      • He has literally kept some of our offices and machines working by duct tape and force of will alone.
      • Hans had promised him that the machine would work this time and now was the time to prove it.
      • As we are a school, it is insane having a lab where 4-6 machines are not working at one time.
      • A warning device must be installed to alert you if the system stops working properly.
      • A machine working two shifts costs much less by the hour than that same machine working a single shift.
      • The machine worked all hours - if it did not break down - and it needed few people to keep it running.
      • Fires were started, however, none caught as the sprinkler system worked effectively.
      • It could be necessary after a virus attack to roll back to a time when the system worked properly.

    • 2.2(to have a required effect)

      (drug/measures/method/plan) surtir efecto
      her idea didn't work su idea no resultó
      • try it, it might work pruébalo, quizás resulte
      • the scene works beautifully la escena está muy bien lograda
      • the play doesn't work on TV la obra no se presta para televisión
      • these colors just don't work together estos colores no pegan / no combinan
      • I assume the method works better if it is used after serious sleep deprivation.
      • This method works if the water reservoir in the top 5 feet of soil is at or near field capacity at planting time.
      • If you can't decide which method works best for you, experiment with one each day.
      • It is a propaganda unit designed to sell the message that this Government's strategic plan is working.
      • Jack's plan is working - to prove she's useless and then she won't be a threat.
      • Fortunately, their plan worked - but not without huge barriers along the way.
      • Whether Brown's plan works or not could decide who becomes the next Prime Minister.
      • It's annoying me more than anyone that my plan isn't working, believe me.
      • We had a great time stalking redfish in two feet of water with fly or spinning rod, both methods worked for us.
      • This method works only with insurance plans that use coinsurance, where patients pay a portion of their bills until they reach a maximum.
      • This method works satisfactorily and is technically the simplest of the 3 options.
      • Early indications are that the method is working and biologists are planning to eventually restock the area with young fish.
      • The company was restructured five times in five years; no plan worked better than the last one.
      • On Wednesday Beau was freaking out about the plan not working, so I was actually a bit concerned.
      • Jacquelyn stood in awe that her plan actually worked and as a result she could barely move.
      • If the CCTV pilot plan works, the scheme, already hugely successful on local buses, could be extended to other taxis.
      • Indeed for most of the first half the Down tactical plan had worked marvellously.
      • In both cases the game plan worked, and McClaren admitted that the result was a huge relief.
      • Of course, this method works best when the kids hear a title they really do enjoy.
      • Apparantly this method works due to the way our brains store information, and how the things we remember are reinforced each time we look at them.

  • 3

    (to penetrate, to travel down)
    the oil has to work through the engine el aceite tiene que circular por el motor
    • wait until the solution has worked through the fabric espere hasta que la solución haya impregnado bien la tela
    • his socks had worked down to his ankles se le habían caído los calcetines

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(to force to work)

      hacer trabajar
      to work oneself to death matarse trabajando
      • you must work every muscle tienes que ejercitar / hacer trabajar todos los músculos
      • The fitness coaches worked us hard in pre-season, and they are still working us hard.
      • Honestly, he worked us hard, but after the session I actually had so much energy I felt like doing another hour!
      • He works Miles hard and does all the thinking for Angus, who, right from the beginning, is seen to be a few straws short of a bale.
      • The smallest petrol version proved a willing performer and very refined, even when being worked hard.
      • Stefano works Claudio hard, but provides digs in his house and introduces him to the world of drag racing.
      • It only took four days to fit it all together but she worked me hard.
      • He was demanding as a director, but I wouldn't agree that he worked you too hard.
      • They worked me so hard I can't remember my 20s, apart from the fact I broke out in rashes.
      • Kat thinks that Chrissie's working her too hard, and persuades her to give Little Mo the time off.
      • He works you really hard and demands that things are done right.
      • We have got a great goalkeeping coach called Seamus McDonagh who works you hard and is very encouraging.
      • Claudio Bozzini, the club's goalkeeping coach, works his three charges hard.
      • His wife, who is a very smart and capable campaigner in her own right, has also worked the press very hard.
      • Bruce works his pupils hard, but there is a great atmosphere in his gym, and between yelling at us to try harder, he finds plenty of time to talk smack to everyone.
      • The rich, throat-catching smell of hard worked packhorses hit me even as I drew in a sharp gasp of amazement.
      • Hopefully, we know him now and we know we can work him harder and that he is able for it.
      • Duck legs have fairly tough meat - the legs are worked hard during their lifespan, making the flesh taut and muscly.
      • Yes, we worked you too hard in the last case, Mr Besanko, we would like to hear first from the respondent.

    • 1.2(to exploit)

      (soil/land) trabajar
      (soil/land) labrar
      (mine) explotar
      it's a theme that's been worked to death already es un tema del que ya se ha abusado hasta la saciedad
      • One of the local farmers working their land on the steep banks of the lake, perhaps?
      • In time of war, the other farmers would work his land, which was granted by the state.
      • The pastoralist class disperse the great mass of peasants who traditionally worked the land under the thumb of feudal landlords.
      • Mr Spargo took shares in a company formed for working a mine which he sold to the company.
      • It's a common assumption that most homes had a slave or two, while most farms and quarries were almost exclusively worked by slave labor.
      • For the most part, the goblins worked the mines, humans were only sent there for punishment.
      • Wanlockhead was, like the neighbouring village of Leadhills, built as a mining town, housing the men who worked the lead mines.
      • This may well have been the case but the company only worked the mine for a short time during which several thousand tons of ore were treated.
      • It is the rent that kings took for allowing the serfs and others to work the land that the kings owned.
      • The ones who were still working the mines by choice were paid at the end of the week, I found out.
      • Over the next 40 years, many companies worked mines along the difficult Mokau River.
      • Mines were being worked by strange creatures and humanoid statues with pickaxes for hands.
      • The legend has it that Peralta worked the mine with a high return for several years.
      • The row of cottages below and behind you, is known as Irish Row, named after some of the men who worked the mines.
      • The mine has been worked for its red, green and white salt for over 700 years and it is still operational.
      • All mining is done on a small scale, with just a few people working each mine.
      • Serfs worked the land and produced the goods that the lord and his manor needed.
      • Gilberth explains how his practices have changed even in the few years he's worked this land.
      • He shows us the new checkpoints and yellow gates that let farmers work the land on either side of the divide.
      • They were farming people who worked the land and tended to the livestock.

    • 1.3(to be employed in)

      (casinos/nightclubs) trabajar en
      • By 1841 the old Carleton Hall estate was worked by three farmers, possibly tenants of Lane Fox estates.
      • You're working the streets, you go home at night, you take a hit and fall asleep in your clothes.
      • Nobody that has ever worked the killing room will ever tell you that you will catch every one, no matter how hard you try.
      • One of six children, his father worked a small farm and laboured for the county council to make ends meet.
      • The evening takes the form of a memory play told by the elderly Kat, now a shoeshine boy working the streets, who looks back at his younger self.
      • She may be a prostitute working the streets of Leith but she still has standards.
      • His father owned and worked a small farm of some fifty acres in County Derry in Northern Ireland.
      • I don't believe there are any women working the streets who want to be there.
      • If you're working an area where there is a fast tide, then you should still be able to get away with an uptide rod and say 6ozs of lead.
      • Beats the hell out of stripping or working the streets like some whore doesn't it?
      • Most of the prostitutes working the streets have a drug problem, and fund their habit by prostitution.
      • He worked the farm with one of his brothers and combined it with rugby, but when his brother wanted to set up his own business Logan bought him out.
      • Once a farm was farmed by many men/women and their families, but nowadays farms are often worked by one person.
      • Lynda has now come off the drugs and the drink - and she has turned her back on working the streets.
      • Why was T J Hooker still working the streets when he was a Sergeant, and should have been ensconced in a cosy desk job at his age?
      • She spent half of her life working the streets of the major cities of Saskatchewan.
      • The Moore Valley farmer said he has six sons and one daughter, but Pat the eldest son works the farm with him.
      • Donna has dreams of working the friendly skies of New York and Paris and isn't ready to give her heart to anyone just yet.
      • For a nostalgic two hours, the rag and bone man was working the streets of Salford again.
      • Men were busy working on architecture or training in the army while young ladies worked the market place.

  • 2

    (to make to function)
    do you know how to work the machine? ¿sabes manejar la máquina?
    • this lever works the sprinkler system esta palanca acciona el sistema de riego
    • the pump is worked by hand la bomba funciona manualmente
  • 3

    • 3.1(to force gradually, manipulate)

      work the brush into the corners mete bien el cepillo en los rincones
      • he worked the peg out of the crevice consiguió sacar el clavo de la grieta
      • I'll try to work that quote into the article trataré de meter esa cita en el artículo
      • we worked some concessions out of them conseguimos sacarles algunas concesiones
      • He sewed me up again and told me if they worked loose again, that I shouldn't be concerned, because I was healing very quickly.
      • No matter how tightly I tie the things they work loose after about twenty steps.
      • Our advice is to secure it very firmly, be conservative with your speed and make frequent stops to ensure it isn't working loose.
      • Several of my toes commenced to blacken and fester near the tips and the nails worked loose.

    • 3.2(to shape, fashion)

      (clay/metal) trabajar
      (dough) sobar
      (dough) amasar
      work the flour into the mixture vaya añadiendo la harina a la mezcla
      • Sift the flour with the baking powder into the bowl and work the mixture with your hand until it forms a firm dough.
      • Next add the ginger, turmeric and oil and work the ingredients into a thick brown paste.
      • He works the metal into small chunks before swallowing it, his stomach acids fizz at it, then it blasts out at high speed the other end.
      • Leather is worked into luxurious softness and seams are reduced to a bare minimum.
      • Dip your fingers into it before working the rice and it'll all be a lot simpler.
      • It is important to work the dough until it is nice and shiny, as this gives it the al dente texture.
      • Rub the butter into the flour mixture, working until you have no lumps bigger than a pea.
      • For most of the United States, plant strawberries in spring as soon as the soil can be worked.
      • The bare receiver forging is impressive, especially to anyone who works metal for a living.
      • Here it is not advisable to work the soil too well for this promotes weed growth.
      • The kneading can be quite tiring but you need to work the dough if the bread is going to be good.
      • Using your fingers, draw in the flour and work the mixture into a dough, adding more water if necessary.
      • The early medieval carpenter was not only skilled in working the wood, but also in selecting the correct timber and shape for the job.
      • The limner was never solely a miniaturist, but worked in other formats and media too.
      • As well as using clear, sandblasted glass, Kelly works in cheery yellow and orange.
      • That's the reason for the standard caution against working the soil too early in the year.
      • By working the metal, as by cold rolling, its strength can be approximately doubled.
      • The efficient cause of a baked clay vase is the artist who works the clay and then bakes it.
      • Preferably, soil should be worked up at least four to six weeks before roses are planted in a new bed.
      • Prepare a site for wildflowers by working the soil using a spade, rototiller or plow.
      • Then the mixture is worked, gently at first, and then more vigorously.
      • The hammer is for hammering in the nails that lie next to it, for working the leather into shoes, and so on.
      • Dr. Bob works in cypress, training trees over many years to grow in specific shapes.

    • 3.3(in needlework, knitting)

      work eight rows in rib tejer ocho hileras de punto elástico Latin America
      • work three rows of cross-stitch bordar / hacer tres hileras de punto (de) cruz
      • the design is worked entirely by hand el motivo está hecho (or bordado etc.) totalmente a mano

  • 4past tense, past participle worked"or "wrought

    • 4.1(to bring about)

      (miracle) hacer
      see also wrought
      • For Hugh, a 22-year-old IT worker, has wrought a minor miracle.
      • And now, when my son Jamie is almost the same age, I realize my father worked a miracle!
      • Not that they didn't work the odd miracle at the odd club, but for years the glories they traded on were well past.
      • He was pretending, she should have known that getting his attention was like working a miracle.
      • If ever a country provided its team with all the motivation they needed to work miracles, then this is surely it.
      • Miracles will be wrought, the sick will be healed and signs and wonders will follow the believers.
      • Anyway, lame puns aside, the cast of Hollyoaks have worked a miracle.
      • I have often lived through that hour, that day, that week, in which was wrought the miracle of my transition from one world into another; for I did indeed pass into another world.
      • The ground staff worked miracles at Collegiate to make the pitch playable, albeit for a game reduced to 36 overs.
      • We were convinced she was going to die, but fortunately the doctors worked a miracle.
      • Sometimes a word of truth works the miracle, but, at times, years of preaching will do nothing.
      • England do not have anyone to come in and work miracles and it would be foolish to pick a new team and hope for the best.
      • A balanced diet together with a gentle daily or weekly exercise regime can work miracles.
      • If you could work that kind of miracle, you could go into medicine and make a mint.
      • However, having protested defeat by the venison, Vix worked her usual miracle and found room for a pudding.
      • And God wrought special miracles by the hand of Paul
      • Check out these before and after photos to see how cheaply and easily miracles can be worked.
      • The miracle has been wrought by recognising health as a human right - and therefore the responsibility of the state - and acting accordingly.
      • What is certain is that if Barwick could work that miracle, merely knighting him would be an insult.
      • It can't be stated enough how everyone should thank them both - they have worked a miracle.

    • 4.2informal (to manage, to arrange)

      if you want to meet him, I'll try to work it for you si quieres conocerlo, veré si lo puedo arreglar
      • she worked it so that I didn't have to pay se las arregló / se las ingenió para que yo no tuviera que pagar

  • 5US

    (to solve)
    (problem/crossword) sacar
    (crossword/problem) resolver