Translation of work-shy in Spanish:


haragán, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwərkˌʃaɪ///


  • 1

    vago informal
    flojo informal
    • If someone has successfully completed an epic, exhausting, hazardous journey to get here, why assume that they will become lazy, work-shy good-for-nothings when they arrive?
    • I am not work-shy and donate some of my time to charity on a voluntary basis.
    • What is more surprising is that hard-working people so often shrug their shoulders and accept that the work-shy are entitled to what they can get off the state.
    • Tougher financial sanctions would make work-shy whingers show a bit more responsibility.
    • The man must be a workaholic; people like him are potentially very depressing to work-shy folks like me.
    • Factory workers are depicted as work-shy and devious, company directors as unscrupulous.
    • With two films to his name, a third in the can and a fourth in pre-production, the prolific 28-year-old has already surpassed the work-shy Malick's 30-year tally.
    • In his measures against the work-shy and corrupt, he favoured vigorous penalties more than an improvement of the situations which gave rise to their vices.
    • ‘Many people tend to think of them as alcoholics, as work-shy individuals,’ Bogans said.
    • Sykes was uppity, cunning and work-shy, while Hattie - magnificent in stature - was timid and trusting by nature, and easily suckered into her brother's misbegotten schemes.
    • I didn't really need one, I just guessed there'd be mirrors in the toilet area, and I wanted to check my appearance, to see if I really did look work-shy and/or simple.
    • He quickly dismisses any notion that he's turned into a work-shy recluse.
    • There are so many subliminal motivational messages around this building, it's all I can do to remain disinterested and work-shy.
    • So Micky, his equally work-shy best mate from a house clearance company, has the master plan of reinventing him as a gigolo.
    • Nor do things look much better for work-shy Scots of the future.
    • As a result, British films and TV programmes are littered with images of the archetypal work-shy idler.
    • Smith was also somewhat work-shy, a factor absent in most successful revolutionaries.