Translation of work experience in Spanish:

work experience

pasantía, n.



  • 1

    pasantía feminine
    • I hated going to school and valued work experience more than academic education.
    • She is dedicating her two weeks' work experience from school to fundraising.
    • Enterprise Placements go a stage further than the normal work experience that firms are asked to give students.
    • I came here last summer for work experience, before working out in the English countryside.
    • This opportunity is ideal for students seeking work experience or employed people who are unable to help during the week.
    • She recently did work experience at her old school and she got some really lovely cards from the children.
    • I knew what it would be like being a solicitor as I did work experience with a legal practice in Dundee.
    • From the age of 14 the pupils spend two days a week on work experience and all are expected to go to college.
    • It was part of a rolling programme of work experience for older pupils in the district's schools.
    • Some people have completed work experience and the course has led many into employment.
    • Its volunteers, who are unemployed people getting work experience, are referred by Twin Valley Homes.
    • On the exchange visits pupils are able to take part in work experience in their host country.
    • Recycled Sports recently had a couple of new work experience employees to work in their Lismore store.
    • Mark Bennett suggests that the best course of action is to approach the bigger agencies for work experience.
    • James by now had left school and was attending work experience projects, including some gardening work.
    • From time to time we have schoolkids who come to us for work experience.
    • There will be a chance to take part in a summer school as well as undertake relevant work experience and community service projects.
    • Another valuable aspect of the college's catering course is work experience.
    • She remembers a journalist coming to work at the BBC who had once been assigned to her on work experience at the Evening Times.
    • It is part of a drive to dispel a growing myth that work experience is only for those pupils who are bored with the academic curriculum.