Translation of work up in Spanish:

work up

phrasal verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(stimulate)

      they had worked up an appetite se les había abierto el apetito
      • I couldn't work up much enthusiasm no me entusiasmaba demasiado
      • with all that talking I'd worked up quite a thirst me había dado mucha sed de tanto hablar
      • to work up a sweat empezar a sudar
      • to work up a lather hacer espuma

    • 1.2(excite, arouse)

      she gets very worked up about it se pone como loca
      • you'll only work yourself up solo vas a conseguir disgustarte / hacerte mala sangre
      • to work sb/oneself up into sth
      • she works herself up into a state se pone como loca
      • they had been worked up into a frenzy los habían exaltado
      • to work sb/oneself up to sth
      • she worked them up to a fever pitch of excitement los sobreexcitó hasta el delirio

  • 2

    • 2.1(increase, expand)

      she worked the factory up into what it is today desarrolló la fábrica hasta convertirla en lo que es hoy día

    • 2.2(improve)

      (article/manuscript) rehacer